Streamlining Carbon Accounting for a Sustainable Future

SINGAPORE, November 23, 2023 / — Seneca ESG, a tech company providing sustainability solutions, is proud to announce the launch of AERA, a carbon accounting tool that simplifies the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions inventory, accounting, and calculation process for businesses worldwide. With AERA, companies can now efficiently track, measure, and manage their carbon emissions with ease and precision.

AERA brings simplicity and accuracy to carbon accounting. The platform offers an intuitive interface, making GHG emissions tracking straightforward for businesses of all sizes. AERA provides auditable, precision-measured GHG data compliant with Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064 standards, ensuring meticulous emissions calculations. Its robust monitoring capabilities empower businesses to swiftly identify potential emission hot spots, enabling targeted reduction strategies.

In addition, AERA integrates with global reporting standards and frameworks, including GHG Protocol, EXIOBASE, Defra/BEIS, EPA, UBA/GEMIS, and ADEME, ensuring seamless compliance. The tool automates emission calculations for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, saving time and eliminating the need for specialized knowledge. AERA also covers all seven regulated Greenhouse Gases: CO2, N2O, CH4, HFCs, PFCs, SF6, and NF3, providing a holistic view of emissions profiles.

“Seneca ESG is excited to introduce AERA, a tool that simplifies the complexities of carbon accounting,” said Jonathan Ha, Founder and CEO at Seneca ESG. “AERA’s accuracy, compliance, and strategic insights make it an invaluable asset for businesses committed to environmental responsibility.”

Availability: AERA is now available for businesses worldwide. For more information, please visit or contact Brett Yang at [email protected].

About Seneca Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Seneca ESG is a business intelligence company delivering solutions for corporate sustainability assessment, reporting, and integration with financial services. The company’s flagship platforms, ZENO for financial institutions and EPIC for corporates, facilitate ESG data management, sustainability-driven analyses, and custom score-carding, for both corporate issuers and investment firms.

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