Utimus and EdTek Services Commit to Supporting Thousands of New Canadians in Overcoming Job Market Hurdles

Utimus: We Empower Employment

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Best LMS for Small Business

LMS Soft Skills Library

LMS Soft Skills Library

Utimus and EdTek Services make a significant and forward-looking commitment to directly support newly arrived Canadians with free Soft Skills training.

These training programs demonstrate the profound impact that a little help can have in unlocking the potential within thousands of hardworking individuals,”

— Brian Macdonald, President, Utimus

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, October 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Utimus, a military veteran-led organization focused on expanding employment opportunities for new Canadians, and EdTek Services, a provider of LMS for small business and mission-critical LMS Support Services, have made a significant and forward-looking commitment by directly supporting newly arrived Canadians, who often face significant challenges when seeking meaningful and lasting employment.

“Supporting new Canadians is an investment in all our futures,” says Paul Jacobelli, Founder of EdTek. “We know it brings talent and diversity, driving innovation and growth, benefiting our nation as a whole.”

EdTek Services is extending its online learning management system, a library of Soft Skills training courses, and its comprehensive LMS support services to anyone registered for training with Utimus. The Soft Skills training courses will be offered at no cost.

This week, more than 270 newly arrived Canadians were granted free access to 340 online courses by registering on the Utimus website. This is part of the support services offered by Utimus to anyone who has arrived in Canada within the last 10 years, regardless of country of origin.

“These training programs demonstrate the profound impact that a little help can have in unlocking the potential within thousands of hardworking newcomers in Canada,” says Brian Macdonald, CEO of Utimus.

This joint initiative will continue to be available to all those who sign up with Utimus.

About EdTek Services:

Founded in 2003, EdTek Services focuses on providing the best LMS for small business and LMS support services to small and medium-sized companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. EdTek’s package of LMS support services includes consulting, unlimited training, hands-on administrative support, help-desk support for users, 340 Soft Skills courses in the LMS Library, a web conference platform, and access to millions of digital media resources. EdTek’s all-inclusive SaaS LMS pricing helps smaller organizations stretch their budgets to deliver the same level of quality training and education as any of the leading providers in the marketplace.

About Utimus:

Utimus extends support to newly arrived Canadians, including Afghans and Ukrainians, with an expanded commitment to all newcomers who have arrived in Canada within the last decade. Their collaborative efforts with government agencies aim to assist newcomers in securing employment, accessing training, obtaining Canadian credentials, and enhancing their job prospects. Utimus is a military veteran-led organization.

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