Award-Winning Author John Capozzi Releases Groundbreaking Book on Overcoming Debilitating Back Pain and Preventing Atrophy

Aqua Therapy: How I Prevented Major Surgery and Got My Life Back — Now Available on Amazon

Sarasota, Florida, Feb. 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — John M. Capozzi, entrepreneur, author, veteran, and former athlete, is pleased to announce the completion of his eighth book, “Aqua Therapy: How I Prevented Major Surgery and Got My Life Back.” The book chronicles Capozzi’s personal battle with chronic back pain and how he reclaimed his life through the transformative power of aqua therapy.

Like millions of adults, Capozzi experienced years of pain and multiple surgeries from his bad back. At age 78, he was unable to walk ten feet, severely diminishing his quality of life. After many MRIs and consulting three top orthopedic surgeons, Capozzi faced the prospect of eight hours of anesthesia, an eight-inch incision, a titanium plate attached to two vertebrae, and relearning how to walk. On the advice of his primary physician, he met with top rehabilitation experts. Capozzi then devised a series of easy, fun aqua therapy exercises designed to be performed in the water to strengthen his entire core. The results were astounding – not only did he avoided surgery, but his pain vanished within months, and he was able to resume the activities he loves, such as gardening, biking, and walking his dog.

“I am elated to know that John’s program works,” said Dr. Brad Lerner, Principal, LernerCohen Concierge Healthcare, in Sarasota, Florida. “Given his success, I am using his program myself, as I too have a bad back, but I have also recommended it to several of my older patients. I believe that if a patient can avoid major surgery, that’s a very good thing.”

After many neighbors and friends asked him to share his handwritten program, he wrote “Aqua Therapy: How I Prevented Major Surgery and Got My Life Back,” which has received three awards for excellence, including Florida Authors and Publishers Association awards for Health, Self-Help, and Fitness/Sports/Recreation. The book also contains information about aqua stretching and aqua yoga and is available for order on Amazon.

Visit for more information and testimonials from experts. Capozzi believes that anyone who is confined to a wheelchair, has Multiple Sclerosis, post-surgery rehabilitation, dementia, early-stage Alzheimer’s, or any bed-ridden disabilities, runs the risk of atrophy and will benefit from the Prevent Atrophy section. 

The author emphasizes the importance of consulting with primary physicians before attempting any exercises outlined in the book to ensure they are approved for individual circumstances.

About John M. Capozzi:
John M. Capozzi, a distinguished entrepreneur, currently serves as president of JMC Investment Partners, LLC. Following his military service during the Vietnam War, Capozzi earned 13 corporate promotions in 13 years with major firms. He also successfully started over 20 companies, and today is an advisor to the Biden Administration and the government of Israel. He is an accomplished author of eight books, the youngest Eagle Scout in New York history, and resides in Sarasota County, Florida, with his wife of 57 years. For more information, please visit:

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