Business Executives Share Leadership Experiences in Innovative New Book
Business Executives Share Leadership Experiences in Innovative New Book

Image of “The Sixth Level” authors at St. Louis book launch event. (From L to R order) Dr. Kathy K. Overbeke, Dr. Stacy Feiner, Dr. Jack Harris and Rachel Wallis Andreasson.

Book Titled “The Sixth Level” Looks to Redefine the Importance of Women’s Leadership Skills in the Workplace

ST. LOUIS, MO, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2023 / — A group of twenty business leaders, psychologists, sociologists and CEO’s from across the country have joined together to advocate for a new way of thinking about women’s leadership roles in the workplace. They’re sharing their experiences and thoughts in a new book called “The Sixth Level: Capitalize on the Power of Women’s Psychology for Sustainable Leadership” which challenges traditional patriarchal views of male leadership traits and how those views shape the current workplace structure and culture.

“The Sixth Level” introduces a new leadership model that celebrates female leadership traits while also increasing employee sustainability and business profitability. It includes real stories from women business leaders, including several in the St. Louis community. The foreward for the book written by Ali Kindle Hogan, the granddaughter of late Enterprise Holdings founder Jack Taylor. Rachel Wallis Andreasson, shareholder and Board member of her family business, Wallis Companies, and the Executive Director of Congregation Temple Israel synagogue, served as a co-author for the book. She said the book offers a new definition of effective leadership and a new understanding of success.

“Our motivation for writing this book was to challenge the narrative around what it means to be a good and effective leader,” said Andreasson. “As the CEOs, owners, executives, and entrepreneurs interviewed in this book demonstrate, valuing female leadership characteristics such as fostering connections in the workplace and showing emotional support for others are sometimes viewed as weaknesses, when in reality, they are an attribute. Our goal is to encourage businesses to take a close look at their own leadership models and move towards one that puts more emphasis on valuing others. This book proves through numerous examples that not only does that type of leadership model lead to happier employees, it also leads to increased profitability. It’s truly just a better way to do business that is focused on human connection.”

The book suggests traditional leadership models are insufficient for the future of business, referencing American psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory which is still widely accepted in everyday workplace culture.

The hierarchy of needs depicts a pyramid of five levels with the most fundamental needs at the bottom and higher-level needs at the top but doesn’t go far enough. As such, the authors of “The Sixth Level” assert an advanced leadership model that ascends to a sixth level that is based on research that shows people reach their highest potential when they are in a position to give back and respect others. Dr. Stacy Feiner, an accomplished psychologist and one of the co-authors of “The Sixth Level” said their goal is to eventually expand on the theory proposed in the book into a new leadership training model that can be adopted and practiced by others.

“We’re creating a movement with this book and we think now is the time when people are ready for a change,” said Dr. Stacy Feiner. “The Sixth Level is designed to teach leaders everywhere that it is possible to build a successful business that is more profitable and also fosters connection and innovation. It will take a mental shift in all of us to make this a common-place philosophy in the leadership world, however, it’s a worthy endeavor that will benefit everyone.”

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