Mokafe Coffee House Refines the Coffee Experience with Rich, Complex Flavors From Guatemala and Yemen
Mokafe Coffee House Refines the Coffee Experience with Rich, Complex Flavors From Guatemala and Yemen

QUEENS, NEW YORK , USA, January 21, 2024 / — MOKAFÉ, a specialty coffee brand, has emerged as a beacon of unparalleled coffee indulgence, sourcing single-origin beans directly from traditional farms in Yemen and Guatemala. Enriching the coffee culture in the USA, MOKAFÉ’s founders share their passion for delivering an exceptional and ethically sourced coffee experience.

Authentic Selection from Yemen and Guatemala

MOKAFÉ stands out as a premier Yemeni and Guatemalan coffee brand in the USA, offering a carefully curated selection of specialty coffee beans sourced from small traditional farms. These coffee beans bring forth unique flavor notes, aromas, and textures, providing a delightful coffee experience with every sip. Going beyond MOKAFÉ offers a place for coffee lovers to embrace the culture of relaxation and connection. Inspired by the concept of Fika, MOKAFÉ invites customers to unwind, slow down, and enjoy quality time with friends over specialty coffee, sandwiches, cakes, and cookies.

“We believe in bringing joy to your cup by presenting the finest coffee beans that are ethically sourced and traceable to their origin.” – said Co-founder Youssef M.

The quality of MOKAFÉ’S coffee beans makes its grounded and whole beans options a way to offer the ultimate coffee indulgence from the comfort of its cozy and aesthetically designed coffee house.

“Our menu ( is designed to cater to all coffee lovers, from classic brews to specialty drinks that captivate your taste buds.” – Co-founder Alex M. emphasized

Yemeni Coffee: A Cultural Touchstone

MOKAFÉ pays homage to Yemen’s high altitudes and rocky, volcanic soil, which create the perfect environment for cultivating some of the world’s most exotic and aromatic coffee flavors. Yemeni coffee, a cultural touchstone, reflects the rich history and traditional techniques passed down through generations.

MOKAFÉ Yemeni coffee is a toast to its rich history, unique flavors, and hardworking farmers who continue cultivating this beloved crop despite the odds faced by them!” – reiterated Co-founder Jorge C.

Yemeni Coffees at MOKAFÉ

Harazi Coffee: From the heart of Yemen’s picturesque Harazi region, this coffee pays tribute to Yemen’s exceptional coffee legacy. With a round body, delicate acidity, and pronounced sweetness, it captivates with intricate cocoa notes. Straight from Yemeni producers in Harazi, it connects the heart of Yemen to coffee lovers worldwide.

Yemen Fruits Chocolata: This captivating coffee is grown in Yemen’s enchanting Haima region. A natural Typica variety, it offers a balanced profile with sweet flavors and a pleasant medium aftertaste. Sourced from Bani Matar farmers in Haima Village, it undergoes traditional rooftop drying, thriving at an altitude of 1700-2200 meters.

Abdulhakeem Jarma: The intense flavor of this single farmer nano lot comes from Yemen’s picturesque Jama region. Grown at elevations ranging from 2,183 to 2,350 meters, it boasts a natural processing method and traditional sun-drying on African raised beds. With notes of cotton candy, lemon, and jasmine, it offers a juicy, bright acidity.

Taher Saleh Abarat: This is a gem from Yemen’s captivating Abarat region. A single farmer nano lot meticulously processed by Taher, it thrives at an altitude of 2000 meters. With a natural processing method and traditional sun-drying, it delivers a juicy, bright acidity and a medium aftertaste.

Ghalib Barrel Aged: This extraordinary Barrel Aged coffee is from Yemen’s Wadi Sail region. Crafted with ancient Typica beans, this unique coffee undergoes a 7-day barrel aging process, revealing juicy and bright notes of red fruits. Sourced from Wadi Seil Village, it represents the pursuit of creating the perfect semi-anaerobic Barrel Yemen Mocha.

“This coffee takes you on a sensory journey like no other with this exceptional semi-anaerobic Barrel Yemen Mocha, representing our pursuit of perfection.” – Co-founder Luis B. expressed.

Guatemala Coffees at MOKAFÉ

Concepcion Buena Vista” from Guatemala’s Chimaltenango region, grown at 1650 MASL by the Solano Family, is a washed Red Bourbon coffee. With sweet, bright acidity and luscious caramel undertones, this coffee captures the essence of Guatemala. It delivers an enchanting taste experience, revealing the magic of the Solano Family’s meticulously cultivated farm.

“Immerse yourself in the enchanting flavors nurtured by the Solano Family and explore the captivating world of Guatemalan coffee with our exceptional brews.” – Co-founder Alvaro R. adds

Crafted meticulously by the Solano Family, “Concepcion Buena Vista” undergoes a unique Inoculated Lactic Maceration/Honey process. Grown at 1650 MASL, the Red Bourbon beans thrive in Guatemala’s highlands. This coffee captivates with its extraordinary fragrance, bright acidity, and sweet notes.

“Paraxaj” coffee from Guatemala’s Acatenango region is cultivated by farmer Herman García Guerrero at 1600 MASL. With sweet and bright acidity, this washed Marseillaise variety offers a remarkable taste experience.

“Quisache” coffee from Guatemala’s Acatenango region, is grown by the Santizo Family at 1500 MASL. With a washed Anacafe 14 variety, it boasts sweet and bright acidity.

“Concepcion Buena Vista Red Bourbon and Caturra” from Guatemala’s Chimaltenango region, grown at 1650 MASL by the Solano Family, undergoes Inoculated Lactic Maceration/Honey process. This exceptional brew promises an enchanting taste experience with an extraordinary fragrance, bright acidity, and a distinct sweetness.

“When you explore the magic of our exceptional coffee from Guatemala, you will experience a thrilling journey of taste and discovery with each sip.” – Co-founder Youssef M. stated.


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MOKAFÉ is a specialty coffee brand that delivers a premium single-origin coffee experience sourced directly from traditional farms in Yemen and Guatemala. With a commitment to ethical sourcing, traceability, and exploring diverse flavor profiles, MOKAFÉ stands at the forefront of redefining the coffee culture in the USA.

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