Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation: Pioneering Hope and Healing Amidst the Opioid Epidemic in Charlotte, NC

Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation, a leading Suboxone Clinic and Pain Management office, sets the standard for care in the fight against the opioid epidemic

As a physician and member of this community, my commitment is to serve each patient with compassion, understanding, and the best medical care possible.””

— Dr. Edward Overton

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, August 3, 2023/ — Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation, a leading Suboxone Clinic and Pain Management office in Charlotte, NC, stands at the forefront of the fight against the devastating opioid epidemic that has gripped the nation, particularly North Carolina. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Edward Overton, the clinic offers vital services that provide relief and hope to those struggling with chronic pain and Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).

A Grim Reality: The Soaring Opioid Overdose Deaths in North Carolina

The opioid epidemic in North Carolina reached unprecedented levels in 2020, with a staggering 40% increase in overdose deaths compared to the previous year. On average, nine North Carolinians lost their lives each day to drug overdoses during that time. The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated the crisis, leading to stress, housing instability, and job losses, affecting individuals in recovery and contributing to the backslide in the fight against substance use disorders.

Dr. Edward Overton’s Vision of Compassionate Care

Amidst this grim reality, Dr. Edward Overton has emerged as a beacon of compassion and hope in the Charlotte community. For over two decades, he has been dedicated to serving individuals suffering from chronic pain and Opioid Use Disorder, offering a compassionate and non-judgmental approach to care. Dr. Overton’s unwavering commitment to historically disenfranchised and underserved communities makes Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation a vital resource in the battle against the opioid crisis.

Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation offers a range of essential services that play a crucial role in addressing the opioid epidemic:

– Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT): Dr. Overton’s clinic provides Medication Assisted Treatment, a comprehensive approach that combines medications like Suboxone and Sublocade injections with counseling and behavioral therapies. MAT has proven to be transformative in empowering patients to break free from the grip of Opioid Use Disorder and embark on a path to lasting recovery.

– Opioid Use Disorder Treatment: At Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation, individuals struggling with Opioid Use Disorder receive compassionate and individualized treatment plans. Dr. Overton’s medical team focuses on breaking barriers and connecting patients to the resources they need for a successful journey to recovery.

Suboxone Treatment: Suboxone, a key component of MAT, helps alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid dependency. Under Dr. Overton’s expert guidance, Suboxone treatment has become a lifeline for those seeking relief from the painful cycle of opioid addiction.

– Sublocade Injections: Sublocade, an extended-release buprenorphine injection, provides continuous support for patients throughout their recovery journey. Dr. Overton’s clinic administers Sublocade injections with precision and compassion, ensuring patients receive the care they deserve.

– Pain Management Treatment: Dr. Overton’s expertise in pain management is instrumental in helping patients regain control of their lives despite chronic pain. Through a holistic approach, his team employs innovative therapies to improve functionality and enhance overall well-being.

Taking Action: A Call to Those in Need

As North Carolina continues to grapple with the devastating consequences of the opioid epidemic, Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation urges anyone battling chronic pain or Opioid Use Disorder, or those who know someone in need, to take action and reach out for help. Dr. Edward Overton and his caring medical team are ready to listen, understand, and provide the highest standard of care for those seeking hope and healing.

A Lifesaving Focus on Prevention and Equity

Dr. Overton’s commitment to reversing the opioid overdose trend in North Carolina is further fortified by his focus on prevention and equity. Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation actively participates in the North Carolina Opioid and Substance Use Action Plan, working to prevent addiction, reduce harm from substance use, and connect people to crucial services like housing, employment support, and substance use treatment. The clinic’s initiatives, such as providing free naloxone to community organizations and funding mobile health clinics in hard-to-reach areas, underscore its dedication to saving lives and promoting lasting recovery.

Disparities and the Road to Healing

The opioid epidemic has disproportionately affected historically marginalized communities. Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation recognizes the importance of addressing these disparities and ensures that strategic partnerships with organizations and individuals from these communities are a central focus in reducing the impact of the crisis. By closely monitoring trends and actions through data dashboards and delivering targeted trainings and support programs, the clinic strives to bridge the gap and promote health equity for all.

A Message of Hope from Dr. Edward Overton

Dr. Overton affirms, “As a physician and member of this community, my commitment is to serve each patient with compassion, understanding, and the best medical care possible. I stand firm in my belief that everyone deserves a chance at a healthy and fulfilling life, and I am devoted to helping each individual achieve that goal. Our doors are open, and we are here to provide the support and care needed to overcome the challenges of chronic pain and Opioid Use Disorder.”

About Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation:

Premier Spine Pain and Rehabilitation, located in Charlotte, NC, is a renowned Suboxone Clinic and Pain Management office, spearheaded by Dr. Edward Overton. With a legacy of compassionate care and a commitment to serving historically marginalized communities, the clinic offers comprehensive services for those struggling with chronic pain and Opioid Use Disorder.

For more information about Dr. Overton and Premier Spine Pain & Rehabilitation, please contact us at 704-817-6676 or visit us online at

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Premier Spine Pain & Rehabilitation
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