Psychic and Medium Rose Ann Schwab to be Featured on Close Up Radio

FARIBAULT, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2024 / — Rose Ann Schwab has more than 55 years of experience and an outstanding reputation as a medium, psychic, parapsychologist and consultant. Her wide-ranging fields of expertise have brought closure to people from all countries and all levels of society.

Rose Ann knew she was different when she underwent a near-death experience as a child and saw flashing lights and heard the voice of angels. It was one of three such events that occurred.

“God gave me this gift. I do not channel dark energies or use my gifts for bad profit, such as telling people lottery numbers or where to invest. I am always up front and honest, and integrity is important to me. I was even asked to help important authorities at times in my career. But I don’t do police work at this stage of my life.”

Rose Ann founded a consultancy known as Angelic Inspirations TM. The name comes from the various angels she is able to channel — such as archangel Uriel, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael and it has been trademarked for use in the state of Minnesota, where Rose Ann has lived all her life, and most of the US.

Rose Ann has many talents and uses them in diverse ways. She conducts sessions, offers counseling and referrals, acts as a teacher and advisor, and provides hypnotherapy. She has the gifs of clairvoyance (clear seeing) clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling) and precognition, among others. Rose Ann notes that her sister Bernadette (now deceased) had these gifts as well, but kept quiet about them, while she chooses to use her visions for a heavenly purpose..

Most of Rose Ann’s sessions and readings are performed over the phone, but she is also a gifted speaker and has appeared on television talk shows, and at expos, workshops, and symposiums.

Rose Ann senses things but is not always able to communicate them to the responsible party in accurate time. Two of those occurrences were the fall of the Twin Towers and the massacre at Columbine. She has also predicted clashes with Russia and China and sensed the murder of the Pope (which was prevented.) It haunts her when Rose Ann knows something of significance but cannot get to the right people to tell them. She last worked directly with the government at the end of Obama’s terms.

When Rose Ann does a reading she asks specific questions. She will also sketch things she sees out on a piece of paper before the calls. She can see the past, present, and future, especially when it comes to things like relationships, careers, or life events. Rose Ann is also able to connect these things to numbers, colors and chakra points that make them more meaningful for each individual.

“I see things in readings and explain what I am seeing. But it is up to the person to accept them and work them into their life.”

Rose Ann says that she is essentially a shy person, but she feels compelled to speak up when it matters, such as to avoid a bad accident, restore peace and balance, or locate a lost child. She also works to prevent cyber issues.

This excellent psychic and medium was listed as a credible source of information and her talents are recognized and accepted. Rose Ann does not use props or Tarot cards, just innate psychic abilities and connections. She is a forerunner in the new breed of mediums who genuinely care and make a difference.

“I have this God given talent. I could look at it as a gift or a curse. I cry when I hear certain things and I hate all the fighting and polarization going on in the world today. But still, I see this as a gift.. t’s all about love, kindness and working for God.”

Learn more about the many aspects and talents of Rose Ann Schwab when you hear the upcoming radio show. You can also visit her extensive website, which was shortened, or view one of her podcasts.

Close Up Radio will feature Rose Ann Schwab in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday, April the 23rd at 1:00 pm EDT

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