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Crowned & Co Launches Elite Jewelry Store in Boca, Hollywood, and Online

We are absolutely thrilled to unveil Crowned & Co’s new online jewelry store and the opening of our brick-and-mortar locations in Boca Raton and Hollywood.”

— Luke Corona

FLORIDA, UNITD STATES, July 28, 2023/ — Introducing Crowned & Co: Unveiling a Sparkling New Era in Elite Jewelry Retail, Manufacturing, and Financial Services with a Dazzling Special Promotion

Crowned & Co, a trailblazing and prestigious jewelry enterprise, is thrilled to announce the grand launch of its new online jewelry store and brick-and-mortar locations in Boca Raton and Hollywood. Far beyond an ordinary jewelry store, Crowned & Co brings an unparalleled combination of elite jewelry manufacturing, gold trading expertise, and collateral loans to the forefront of the industry.

As part of the exclusive launch celebration, Crowned & Co is delighted to present a dazzling special promotion: the sale of a Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5961 P-13 Ruby Gem Special Edition (1 of 10) for an astonishing 1 million dollars. This extraordinary timepiece represents the epitome of horological mastery, featuring a rare ruby gem-studded design and impeccable craftsmanship. Limited to only 10 pieces worldwide, owning this Patek Philippe watch is an exceptional opportunity for the discerning collector or watch enthusiast to acquire a truly coveted masterpiece.

Crowned & Co’s online jewelry store showcases an exquisite collection, masterfully crafted by skilled artisans, to cater to the discerning tastes of jewelry connoisseurs worldwide. The online platform offers an effortless and secure shopping experience, where customers can explore an opulent selection of finely crafted rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. With a focus on both timeless classics and cutting-edge designs, Crowned & Co is set to become the ultimate destination for those seeking to adorn themselves with elegance and grace.

What sets Crowned & Co apart is its distinction as an elite jewelry manufacturer. Meticulously maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship, the company boasts an in-house team of skilled artisans and designers who translate creativity into tangible masterpieces. This unique approach allows Crowned & Co to create bespoke jewelry pieces tailored to the individual preferences of their esteemed clientele.

Furthermore, Crowned & Co’s expertise extends beyond jewelry retail and manufacturing. The company is also recognized as a leading gold trader, offering an extensive range of gold products and services. With a commitment to transparency and fair practices, Crowned & Co provides customers with unmatched access to the gold market, ensuring a seamless and rewarding gold trading experience. Call Crowned & Co to sell your old gold or jewelry today.

In addition to its jewelry and gold services, Crowned & Co distinguishes itself with its collateral loan program. Understanding the evolving financial needs of its patrons, Crowned & Co provides hassle-free collateral loans against high-value jewelry items and gold assets. This service serves as a reliable and discreet financial solution, accommodating urgent requirements without compromising on privacy or security.

“We are absolutely thrilled to unveil Crowned & Co’s new online jewelry store and the opening of our brick-and-mortar locations in Boca Raton and Hollywood,” said Luke Corona, the visionary force behind the brand. “Our mission is to redefine the concept of jewelry retail by offering an unparalleled selection of fine jewelry, complemented by our expertise in jewelry manufacturing, gold trading, and collateral loans. To mark this momentous occasion, we are honored to present an extraordinary opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts with the sale of the exclusive Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5961 P-13 Ruby Gem Special Edition, a true horological masterpiece.”

To celebrate the launch and participate in the special promotion, visit Crowned & Co’s website or explore the exquisite selection in person at their Boca Raton and Hollywood stores.

About Crowned & Co:

Crowned & Co is a premier jewelry enterprise redefining the standards of jewelry retail, manufacturing, and financial services. With an exquisite collection available on its online platform and brick and mortar locations in Boca Raton and Hollywood, the company showcases an unparalleled blend of craftsmanship, expertise in gold trading, and collateral loan solutions.

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