Revolutionizing Real Estate with Blockchain and TDV token

TDV token in real estate

Tribe Digital Ventures aims to build a global blockchain based ecosystem for real estate mortgage industry

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, July 29, 2023/ — Real estate has been the preferred investment option globally for time immemorial. From small investors and businessmen to HNIs and corporates, every investor prefers to put their savings or investments into real estate. This is because of two major reasons: first is consistent real estate value appreciation and the second is the security of investments. Real estate investments are secured by laws, authorities and governments everywhere in the world.

Although all the people in the world are connected to the real estate market directly or indirectly, the real estate market is still very primitive and did not update with the technology. From paper document sharing to blockchain transaction signing, the digital technology industry has seen tremendous development in the past century. From manufacturing to the defense industry, everyone is utilizing this advancement of technology. But sadly, the real estate industry is still backward and relies on paper documentation and human handling in many places around the world.

There is no doubt that the real estate industry needs to adapt to the newer technology and digitize itself for more efficiency and yield. Though many companies have taken steps to digitize parts of the real estate industry like fractionalizing the property but there is one major sector of this industry that still remains untouched, i.e., the mortgage sector. The real estate industry depends majorly on mortgages for financing around the world, yet there has been no perfect solution for the problems of the mortgage sector for a long time.

Thankfully with the advent of blockchain and STOs, there seems to be a point of integration of blockchain and the mortgage sector to solve all its problems like globalization and liquidity. Tribe Digital Ventures aims to do exactly that. They aim to create an ecosystem where all kinds of investors can participate in real estate investments in various ways with the use of blockchain. For this purpose, Tribe Digital Ventures introduced multiple segments to the ecosystem: a real estate consultation company, an EOS500 investment platform, A/R ASFL licensed and regulated real estate mortgage fund, a TDV utility token, and an STO for real estate fundraising.

TDV utility tokens will be utilized in multiple aspects of the TDV ecosystem. In the initial stage, it will be a way for small investors to participate indirectly in real estate investments by investing in the parent holding company of Tribe Digital Ventures. By acquiring the TDV token, investors are investing in Tribe Digital Ventures and enjoy benefits like dividends from their token holdings. Furthermore, TDV investors will also enjoy benefits like special invites and discounts; and in the future may be able to invest in TDV1 mortgage fund with this token upon meeting regulatory requirements.

Tribe Digital Ventures also aims to utilize STO technology to help in fundraising real estate projects. HNIs, VCs, and corporates can invest in the TDV1 mortgage fund, and real estate agents and developers can apply to raise funds through the integration of this STO technology with the TDV1 mortgage fund (TDV1). This also allows investors to do cross-border investments in real estate easily with the use of blockchain.

Globally, it is estimated that the STO market will reach USD 20 trillion by the end of this decade. With 25+ years of expertise of the team of Tribe Digital Ventures in the real estate market and an already established company in Australia, they surely are moving forward to bring the nascent blockchain technology to this ever-growing market.

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