XTCC collaborates with leading industry partners on Blue Carbon initiative
XTCC collaborates with leading industry partners on Blue Carbon initiative

Lists Blue Carbon asset-backed instruments on Bermuda Stock Exchange

London, Florida, Bermuda, June 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Key Points:

  • Collaboration with Lady Merle Liivand (the Eco Mermaid) and Logos Capital Group to generate liquidity in investments supporting vital ocean protection projects
  • Brings together the best thought leaders and deep expertise around Blue Carbon
  • Stock market-listed blue carbon investments help bridge multi-trillion-dollar gap in climate finance

XTCC, the investment ecosystem specialising in high-integrity carbon based listed investments, celebrates World Ocean Day with the announcement of a partnership with Lady Merle, the Estonian swimming champion and ocean protection advocate acknowledged globally as the ‘Eco Mermaid’, and Silvio Pupo-Casco of Logos Capital Group, to scale up investment opportunities and enable global access to this new asset class, providing support for projects including mangrove conservation and transparent fund distribution to adjacent communities.

Lady Merle and Silvio will work closely with XTCC to identify mangrove and other blue carbon projects that also directly benefit adjacent local communities. XTCC will mobilise Lady Merle’s expertise in the science of blue carbon and Silvio’s investment network and commitment to driving significant investment capital into more impactful asset classes in the creation of new Blue Carbon investments listed on global stock markets. XTCC creates a bridge between blue carbon projects and the capital markets, enabling an asset class for the Beyond Net Zero world.

Blue carbon is carbon captured by the world’s ocean and coastal ecosystems, including mangroves that can, through sequestration – taking carbon in – provide a natural way of reducing the impact of greenhouse gases on earth’s atmosphere. Coastal systems such as mangroves sequester high amounts of carbon quickly and sustainably (over millions of years). In fact, mangroves are ten times more effective at sequestering carbon than any other type of forestry, with a multitude of associated benefits such as clean water, food security, and protection against extreme weather events.

Seth Elliot, XTCC CEO said: “To truly move beyond Net Zero, we must combat global warming via significant nature-based project investments in ocean protection. By introducing Blue Carbon based listed investments, we aim to stimulate interest and generate liquidity to support the funding of blue carbon projects, redefine trust in the carbon market, and stimulate climate investments crucial for saving the planet.”

Lady Merle said: “Our oceans are the lungs of the world, playing a crucial role in producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide and waste. Thriving mangrove ecosystems not only sustain the natural world but also support and enrich the communities that live alongside. On the negative side, when these important coastal systems are damaged, they emit enormous amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. As such, it is essential to protect and conserve mangroves and other coastal habitats, for the benefit of the climate and as importantly, to protect the communities that depend on them to survive and thrive”.

Silvio Pupo-Casco, Logos Capital Group said: “Investing in natural capital and purchasing high-integrity carbon credits can often be complex and opaque. Through our joint venture with XTCC, we aim to simplify and clarify this process, ensuring that investors know exactly what they are getting for their money. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we will restore trust in critical natural capital and ecosystem service investments, particularly in the realm of blue carbon.” He continued, “Our new blue carbon investment instrument is designed to exceed current market standards for transparency and reporting. By setting new benchmarks for accountability and integrity, we are committed to offering unparalleled clarity and reliability in the carbon credit markets. This next-generation investment vehicle is poised to revolutionize global capital markets, driving significant impact in blue finance.”


About XTCC

XTCC is the world’s first stock market quoted ecosystem for high-integrity carbon based listed investments sourced from verified, audited projects including renewable energy, nature-based solutions and blue carbon. XTCC has created financial instruments that, for the first time, establish fair market value as a reference for high-integrity carbon credits. To bridge the multi-trillion-dollar gap in climate finance, investment is required. XTCC provides capital markets with an ecosystem of financial instruments to allow a river of liquidity to flow to communities where it is most needed. XTCC is the asset class for the Beyond Net Zero world.

For more details about XTCC visit www.xtcc.investments or contact our Investor Relations team at [email protected].

About Logos Capital Group

Logos Capital is an impact investment firm focused on creating financial solutions for problems facing today’s world. Founded in 2011, Logos Capital specialises in a variety of different fields such as investment banking, private equity, trade finance, and project finance and has worked on multiple projects in the US and globally. With blockchain-enabled capabilities and infrastructure supporting next generation digitally-native investors, Logos Capital Group is focused on catalysing innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems.

In 2021, Logos Capital established the Logos Blue Economy Foundation to research and develop solutions for blue finance, and has built a consortium of partners from around the world.

For more information, please visit bluebonds.org

About Lady Merle

Lady Merle is a national Estonian competitive swimmer, record-breaking international open water swimmer and ocean protection advocate known globally as the Eco Mermaid and Ice Princess. In April 2023, she achieved a Guinness Book of Records record with the farthest swim – 50 kilometres (31.13 miles) – with a monofin in Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida, USA, on 15 April 2023. Lady Merle performed what is known as a “mermaid swim”, which precludes the use of the arms and so relies solely on undulating the core and lower body and propulsion with the monofin/tail. She was in the water for 14 hours 15 minutes.

Lady Merle is also a major advocate against marine pollution and uses her long-distance open-water swims as a means to draw attention to this growing environmental issue. Indeed, during this swim, she and her support team (in kayaks) collected about 20 lb (9 kg) of trash from the bay. As she said at the time “Every single person needs to do better because this [rubbish] came out from Biscayne Bay, where we all depend. We depend on it economically; we depend on it health-wise; we depend on the bay community-wise. If this is not shocking, then I don’t know what to say.”


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