Integrates Groq, the World’s Fastest AI Processor Integrates Groq, the World’s Fastest AI Processor

The Move Will Supercharge Performance of the Company’s Suite of Conversational Chatbot Agents.

WAYNE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2024 / —, the leading provider of voice-enabled chatbot solutions, announced the integration of Groq’s Language Processing UnitTM Inference Engine, the world’s fastest AI processor, into its platform this week. The update marks a significant milestone in conversational AI technology, one that is expected to lead to exponential enhancements in the performance, efficiency, and capabilities of ZeroBot chatbots.

Groq’s AI chip is capable of processing text ten to one hundred times faster than any other processor in the world. For ZeroBot, integrating Groq means that chatbot agents are now powered by the best in AI computation. Agents will now be able to complete complex AI tasks at lightning speeds, with reduced latency and a more seamless real-time user experience.

The integration of Groq’s technology into’s platform is a testament to ZeroBot’s commitment to rapid adoption of cutting-edge AI technology to enhance its services.

John Alvarez, CEO of, commented on the update, saying, “The implementation of Groq’s AI processor is significant for ZeroBot. This technology allows our chatbots to achieve unprecedented levels of performance and reliability. Our users will benefit from faster response times and more sophisticated interactions, enhancing the overall conversational experience. We’re proud to lead the way in adopting this truly revolutionary technology.”

Over the last few months, has announced several achievements, including the launch of their conversational agents in various skin tones, the introduction of the ZeroBot Agent Store ahead of industry competitors, and a growing user base that has seen ZeroBot adopted in over seventy percent of the world’s countries. The company has also introduced several updates to improve user experience, such as a collapsible sidebar, new voices and voice previews, infinite scroll, a link to share agents, and the launch of an affiliate marketing program.

As the pace of AI innovation continues to develop at rapid speeds, ZeroBot is committed to integrating technologies that allow the company to continue to provide the best conversational AI chatbot experiences on the market.

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