ArmorPoint Announces Strategic Partnership With CONNECT LATAM
Cybersecurity Solution Expands Footprint in Latin America Through Partnership with International Value Added Distributor

ArmorPoint and CONNECT LATAM today announced their newly formed strategic partnership that combines the expertise of the next-generation value-added distributor with ArmorPoint's best-in-class managed cybersecurity solution.

With the cyberthreat landscape only becoming more complex with each passing day, organizations worldwide are seeking security solutions that will protect their business-critical assets from malicious actors; however, many struggle to keep up with the operational challenges that come with ongoing threat management. The partnership will enable CONNECT LATAM's network of MSPs and resellers in the Latin American region and beyond add unified security management capabilities to their service offerings. 

Today, MSPs and resellers sell and manage individual point solutions that can unintentionally create blind spots in the client environment. Without the ability to correlate the event data generated by these many point solutions, IT leaders are left without the visibility they need to adequately protect the enterprise. With ArmorPoint, the event data generated from across the client network is collected, correlated, and unified under a single pane of glass, streamlining day-to-day monitoring and management activity without the need to rip and replace existing toolsets.

"Together, ArmorPoint and CONNECT LATAM are bringing a new dimension to the security solution space in Latin America," says David Trapp, CEO of ArmorPoint's parent company, Trapp Technology. "ArmorPoint provides CONNECT LATAM's security-conscious resellers with a holistic solution that enhances the existing capabilities of the IT tools they're selling today." 

"At CONNECT LATAM we are committed to delivering the best next-generation solutions to our business partners while working in the expected time frame. Partnering with ArmorPoint allows us to further commit to this promise and this alliance will make us surpass these expectations," said Julio Ponce, General Manager and Founder of CONNECT LATAM.

A series of collaborative go-to-market initiatives are planned for the coming months as ArmorPoint is introduced to the CONNECT LATAM network of resellers and service providers. 

About ArmorPoint

ArmorPoint is a managed cybersecurity solution that combines the three pillars of a robust cybersecurity program — people, processes, and technology — into a single solution. Designed by cybersecurity experts, ArmorPoint's cloud-hosted SIEM technology and extended detection and response capabilities enable businesses to implement a highly-effective, scalable cybersecurity program. With customizable pricing available, every ArmorPoint plan offers a dynamic level of managed security services that support the risk management initiatives of all companies, regardless of available budget, talent, or time. ArmorPoint is developed and powered by Trapp Technology, a Phoenix-based IT managed services provider. To learn more about ArmorPoint, visit


CONNECT LATAM is a value added distributor with a goal of democratizing technology in their market. The company has more than 15 years of experience providing value-added services for their business partners. CONNECT LATAM employs a team of certified specialists that represents 80% of their staff, and they have an innovative product catalog that includes the best IT solutions on the market. CONNECT LATAM works with MSPs, resellers, and strategic partners in Latin America and beyond with a focus on providing services to any country that speaks Spanish or Portuguese. To learn more about CONNECT LATAM, visit

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