Noetic Cyber Delivers Significant Platform Enhancement to Simplify Attack Surface Management and Exposure Reduction
ML-powered data classification and unified model explorer addresses key security challenges by highlighting cyber relationships and risk.

Noetic Cyber, a market leader and innovator in Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) today released a significant upgrade to its award-winning Cyber Asset Intelligence and Controls platform. This latest version of the Noetic platform equips teams with a quicker, more seamless way to identify critical assets and high-risk coverage gaps by streamlining the process of managing large volumes of security data from disparate systems.

According to the Enterprise Strategy Group’s recent Security Hygiene and Posture Management report (sponsored by Noetic Cyber), security teams face common challenges in fully understanding their organization’s complete asset inventory. These include the problem of establishing relationships between different assets and the business applications they support, difficulty in managing assets across different tools and business units, and the sheer volume of assets and the pace of change in their environments.

Noetic has introduced three new capabilities to address these common security asset management challenges to ensure security teams can quickly find the most impactful insights, while still being able to mine their data for source-specific details: Data Insights, Unified Model Explorer, and Machine Learning (ML) Classifiers. 

  • Data Insights is designed to enable users to quickly uncover critical insights and coverage gaps for their systems with simple, spreadsheet-like interactive tables of common asset types. Security teams can filter and sort asset data according to any property including type, operating system, data source, and location — enabling users to quickly identify security posture hygiene issues such as missing security controls or unmanaged assets. Filters can be easily saved as repeatable queries to streamline future searches.
  • Unified Model Explorer leverages the Noetic platform’s innovative graph model and its ability to map the relationships between assets and business services to help users better understand the full context of every exposure and security weakness across the cyber estate. Users can explore asset data based on a wide range of types — machines, software, vulnerabilities, networks, users, business applications, cloud accounts, etc. The model explorer is a graphical, interactive tool that highlights the direct relationships between different asset types, driving better understanding of their relationships and properties.
  • Machine Learning (ML) Classifiers solve a common data aggregation challenge, making sense of data from disparate tools and systems. Data that Noetic ingests from different security tools is often inconsistent in describing common information, such as asset type or operating system (OS). Noetic uses predictive Large Language Models (LLM’s) to solve this problem. The first of these Classifiers has been trained on large real-world datasets to accurately provide “OS Family” and “Asset Class” properties consistently, simplifying and streamlining data analysis and identifying potential exposures.

“Modern exposure management challenges require an innovative approach,” said Paul Ayers, CEO and co-founder at Noetic Cyber. “By leveraging a data-centric, AI-driven approach to cyber asset management, we are helping our customers get critical business and risk insights from huge volumes of security data.”

The Noetic platform is used by organizations across multiple industry sectors including Energy, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications and more, providing users with 360-degree visibility into asset exposure and cyber risk across complex cloud and on-premises environments.

To learn more about the Noetic platform, visit or register here for an upcoming live demonstration. 

About Noetic Cyber
Noetic Cyber is a market leader and innovator in Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM). Noetic delivers a proactive approach to exposure management, giving security teams the visibility and context to uncover coverage gaps, improve their security posture and reduce cyber risk. Founded in 2019, Noetic is based in Boston and London. For more information, visit, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Original Source: Noetic Cyber Delivers Significant Platform Enhancement to Simplify Attack Surface Management and Exposure Reduction
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