QWERX Named a Finalist for RSA Conference 2023 Launch Pad
Company's Dynamic Machine Authentication Solution Recognized in Cyber Industry's Most Innovative Startup Competition

RSA Launch Pad

QWERX Named Finalist in RSA Conference Launch Pad 2023

QWERX, a cybersecurity company that delivers secure device authentication and machine identity management solutions, has been named one of three finalists for the RSA Conference 2023 Launch Pad contest. QWERX will present its technology to a panel of renowned industry judges and a live in-person audience on Tuesday, April 25th at RSA Conference 2023 in San Francisco, CA.  

Learn more about QWERX's innovative technology for secure device authentication without static certificates.  

The RSA Conference brings together leading experts from the cybersecurity industry to share best practices and discuss the latest developments in the field. QWERX is proud to have been chosen as a finalist for the Launch Pad, which will give the company a platform to showcase its next generation solution to a global audience. 

The three Launch Pad finalists will present their pitches at the RSA Conference 2023 in front of a panel of experienced investors for strategy advice and community awareness. This opportunity will provide QWERX with invaluable exposure and further solidify its position as a leader in the cybersecurity industry. 

"RSAC Launch Pad highlights the best new ideas coming out of early-stage startups, which is why being chosen is a testament to QWERX's game-changing solution," said Greg Cullison, CEO and co-founder of QWERX. "QWERX is honored to be named a finalist for the RSA Conference 2023 Launch Pad and we're looking forward to showing everyone at RSA Conference how our patented technology revolutionizes the science of secure endpoint authentication."  

QWERX has developed a better, more secure way to authenticate devices to a network. The QWERX Enterprise Secure Perimeter (QESP) product increases machine identity security by eliminating static digital credentials and enforcing continuous verification of every device on a network. Static credentials (certificates and keys) are a frequent entry point for unauthorized network access, so QESP technology uses dynamic, ephemeral keys which are generated locally and disappear at once after authentication. There are no digital credentials stored to be stolen or misused. QESP also enhances security by enforcing continuous verification of every single device on a network. The protocol "mistrusts" all devices until they are authenticated. This verification process cycles repeatedly without end. QESP uses symmetric key cryptography for elevated security and has been assessed by a U.S. Government research center to be quantum-proof. QESP solves critical risk areas in machine identity management for today, and tomorrow. 

About QWERX 

QWERX, Inc. is a cybersecurity company that delivers secure device authentication and machine identity management to IT and OT enterprises. Our patented SaaS technology prevents unauthorized devices from accessing a protected network with rotating, symmetric authentication keys that disappear after use. QWERX has revolutionized the science of secure endpoint authentication by automating orchestrated continuous verification of all devices across a network. Learn more at www.qwerx.co or follow us on LinkedIn

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