Robust Intelligence Partners With Pinecone to Secure Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) AI Applications

Robust Intelligence, the AI application security company, announced it would be partnering with Pinecone to integrate with Canopy, their open-source framework which simplifies the development of retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) applications.

Retrieval-augmented generation is one of the leading techniques developers employ to enrich their AI applications with more contextually relevant information by connecting LLMs to vector databases. Nevertheless, developing and securing a RAG application can be challenging. There are several complex components as well as potential safety and security risks to manage. Common examples of these risks include data exfiltration and injection attacks, data poisoning, and sensitive information leakage.

Pinecone announced the release of Canopy in late 2023 as an easy answer to the complexities of RAG application development. It includes components for data embedding, query optimization, context retrieval, and more. It works with the Pinecone vector database and enables developers to have a production-ready RAG application running in less than an hour.

Robust Intelligence can now be integrated with Canopy, to provide an additional layer of protection for Pinecone's secure vector database, helping ensure the integrity of RAG applications.

Once you connect the Robust Intelligence platform and enable security scanning, uploads to the vector database are examined for risks such as poisoned data and indirect prompt injections. Each time data is uploaded to the database, it will automatically initiate a new security scan. Malicious data is flagged and intercepted, ensuring that adversaries can’t use RAG applications as footholds to exfiltrate personal data, distribute harmful content, and execute broader, more damaging campaigns.

“Pinecone’s mission is to build enterprise-grade, knowledgeable AI for developers to put into production,” said Elan Dekel, Vice President of Product at Pinecone. “We launched Canopy to further enable developers to quickly and easily build GenAI applications using retrieval-augmented generation. Working with like-minded partners such as Robust Intelligence helps build on these efforts by giving customers a seamless and powerful solution for securing their RAG applications built with Pinecone and the Canopy framework.”

This shift-left approach to AI security helps developers identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities earlier in the process. It also facilitates more proactive communication with other AI stakeholders. For example, security and compliance teams can verify that RAG applications have rigorous measures in place to prevent compromise.

“Pinecone is a pioneer in the AI space with its vector database trusted by some of the world’s foremost enterprises,” said Yaron Singer, CEO of Robust Intelligence. “As more organizations develop and deploy RAG applications, it’s important that they have measures in place to protect against their risks—especially when they are connected to increasingly sensitive data. We’re partnering with Pinecone to make security a frictionless part of RAG application development.”

Developers can follow, contribute to, and leverage the Canopy framework today by visiting the Canopy repo. Those looking for more information about the Robust Intelligence platform can visit the company website.

About Robust Intelligence

Robust Intelligence enables enterprises to secure their AI transformation with an automated solution to protect against security and safety threats. The company’s platform includes an engine for detecting and assessing model vulnerabilities, as well as recommending and enforcing the necessary guardrails to mitigate threats to AI applications in production. This enables organizations to meet AI safety and security standards with a single integration, including those from NIST, MITRE ATLAS, and OWASP. Robust Intelligence is backed by Sequoia and Tiger Global and trusted by leading companies including JPMorgan Chase, ADP, Expedia, IBM, and the US Department of Defense to unblock the enterprise AI mission.

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