Spirion Releases Cyber Risk Quantification Dashboard for Sensitive Data Platform
New SPIglass™ dashboard provides executive teams with actionable insights into potential cyber risks related to sensitive data

Spirion SPIglass Dashboard

Spirion SPIglassTM delivers a shared understanding of sensitive data risks across the enterprise.

Spirion, a pioneer in sensitive data governance, today announced the availability of a new cyber-risk quantification dashboard, SPIglass, for its Sensitive Data Platform. With cyberattacks becoming more frequent, costly, and sophisticated, the executive dashboard gives IT and security leaders an actionable view of their sensitive data estate and a common language for discussing risks with stakeholders including executives, boards, regulators, investors and insurers. 

Organizations face increasing risks from the sensitive data they collect and store. The SPIglass dashboard provides a comprehensive view of an organization's sensitive data landscape, enabling executives and board members to clearly understand and communicate the types of sensitive data the company collects, processes, and stores, as well as the business risks associated with their data. These essential insights, including the financial impact of cyber risks, inform strategic oversight so organizations can better prioritize risk mitigation strategies to keep their data secure and compliant with data privacy regulations. 

"Spirion is committed to delivering solutions that empower organizations to protect sensitive data, mitigate cyber risks, and comply with data privacy regulations," said Michael Kaczmarek, Head of Product at Spirion. "SPIglass is the first dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of an organization's sensitive data risk in metrics that are meaningful to the highest levels of the organization. With SPIglass, security leaders, executives and board members alike can now understand the potential financial impact of cyber risks and make better-informed decisions about risk mitigation strategies." 

SPIglass highlights the organization's current data security practices and any gaps or vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. The dashboard is powered by Spirion's SDV3® risk scoring, which scores the overall risk value of sensitive data assets and assesses the potential costs of data exfiltration based on the three primary characteristics of sensitive data risk: value, volume, and vulnerability.

Key benefits include: 

  • Improve decision-making: Using quantifiable financial data, executives can make better-informed decisions about cybersecurity investments and risk mitigation strategies.
  • Enhance risk prioritization: Better prioritize remediation efforts based on their potential financial impact, which can help focus limited resources on the most critical risks.
  • Comply with data privacy and security guidelines: Demonstrate compliance and quickly spotlight pockets of risk in your compliance posture.
  • Improve risk transfer: Cyber risk quantification helps assess the adequacy of insurance coverage and negotiate better terms with insurers.


Spirion has relentlessly solved real data protection problems since 2006 with accurate, contextual discovery of structured and unstructured data; purposeful classification; automated real-time risk remediation; and powerful analytics and dashboards to give organizations greater visibility into their most at-risk data and assets. Spirion's Privacy-Grade® data protection software enables organizations to reduce risk exposure, gain visibility into their data footprint, improve business efficiencies and decision-making while facilitating compliance with data protection laws and regulations.

Contact Information:
Missi Carmon
Chief Marketing Officer, Spirion
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