ValidSoft’s Identity Assurance Leverages Voice Authentication to Enable Real Zero Trust Security
Market needs to move quickly to plug the vulnerability in Zero Trust - No Identity, no Zero Trust!

HARTFORD, Conn. - August 2, 2022 - (

ValidSoft today announced that guaranteeing user identity with voice authentication is at the center of real zero trust security. The recent high-profile Lapsus$ attack has made it abundantly clear that zero-trust must start with guaranteeing a user's identity. Without this ability, physical network and authorization constraints are meaningless.

Biometrics is the only form of authentication that prove human identity as distinct from possessing a device or some knowledge that can be easily attained.

Voice, apart from being the most accurate and most usable of the biometric modalities, is also the only modality that is two-dimensional. It can be analyzed for both who is speaking and what they are saying. This unique two-dimensional nature delivers an unparalleled mathematically precise identity assurance model, to non-repudiation levels.

By introducing the strength of mathematical probability combined with the accuracy of biometric identity, ValidSoft technology provides the highest level of precision identity assurance, free of the risks associated with trust in proxy and possession forms of authentication.

Pat Carroll, Founder, and CEO of ValidSoft: "Authentication without guaranteed identity assurance is no longer fit for purpose. Businesses need to adopt advanced voice authentication technology to guarantee user identity and safeguard from breaches, scams, identity theft, and such. We're proud to deploy our award-winning technology to all our customers and enable real zero trust security."

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About ValidSoft: ValidSoft is a leading voice authentication company with a long history of innovation in voice authentication and identity assurance. Our VoiceID® technology is built using active, passive, and continuous voice-based authentication, guaranteeing that the speaker is who they are, always. Our solutions help to eliminate fraud and identity theft. ValidSoft's EuroPriSe™ privacy seals ensure 100% compliance with EU GDPR and other leading Data Protection and Data Privacy laws worldwide, as well as privacy frameworks such as HIPAA, Digital Identity Guidelines, Vectors of Trust, Federal Identity Program Guidelines, etc.

ValidSoft is consistently recognized by third-party analyst firms as a market leader. See how ValidSoft is powering the future of identity at

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Original Source: ValidSoft's Identity Assurance Leverages Voice Authentication to Enable Real Zero Trust Security
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