Airline Data Powerhouse ATPCO Buys Data Intelligence Platform 3Victors
The acquisition expands ATPCO’s extensive data with real-time capabilities to further enhance the company's creation of industry tools that support the future of modern airline retailing.

ATPCO, the airline industry’s leading source for airline merchandising and pricing data, today announced the acquisition of 3Victors, the first of its kind travel data analytics as a service company. Together, ATPCO and 3Victors will utilize new datasets, machine learning, and AI to enhance its ability to build and implement the framework and solutions the industry requires for the future of modern airline retailing. 

ATPCO is paving the way for the industry to move from traditional static fare filing toward dynamic offer creation. 3Victors next-generation data platform will complement ATPCO's offer content by providing a real-time response of industry travel demand, while supplementing fares not currently filed through ATPCO. This acquisition follows the recent announcement that ATPCO is leveraging AWS’ Clean Rooms, to enable ATPCO and participating airlines to analyze their collective shopping insights to facilitate the creation of more relevant offers, thus enhancing the customer experience.  

“It just made perfect sense. The need for airlines to be able to dynamically bundle and price is crystal clear. Still, as airlines move towards dynamic offers, the industry will need more types of data and capabilities to drive their internal processes, and there will be a gap in the current data to maintain accurate pricing,” said ATPCO’s President and CEO, Alex Zoghlin. “If an airline is only relying on scraped data, it doesn’t have all the information available to make the best decisions. The data required to construct offers will change, and ATPCO will be leading this change to support the industry in dynamic offer creation. The acquisition of 3Victors will help ATPCO and the industry get there quicker and with more depth and breadth of data and AI capabilities.”  

The future of airline pricing will be powered by real-time data science. ATPCO sees 3Victors' capabilities as one of the keys to unlocking data-driven decision-making for the airline industry. By providing comprehensive data upon demand, an airline can validate its offers, get an aggregated view of the market, and identify pricing trends and changes in consumer demand for travel locations and travel products based on multiple datasets, including AI that can build the most complete picture. With these enhanced data capabilities, an airline can deliver offers including the amenities and ancillaries' customers want to buy, at a personalized and competitive price. 

Rick Seaney, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of 3Victors, has shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “3Victors was founded with a vision to break through technology barriers and create solutions and services that provide actionable intelligence for our customers across the travel eco-system to make informed business decisions. ATPCO, as an industry stalwart, is the smartest and clearest partner for 3Victors to continue that mission. Having the backing and support of a respected industry organization will further our growth exponentially and provide our customers greater access to data and content.” 

This is the third acquisition for ATPCO, following its acquisition of Routehappy in 2018 and SITA’s Airfare Insight system in 2021. 3Victors will operate as a subsidiary of ATPCO, further advancing its platform's machine learning and AI capabilities. The terms of the acquisition remain private.

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Original Source: Airline Data Powerhouse ATPCO Buys Data Intelligence Platform 3Victors
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