Hitchd Helps Newlyweds With Its Innovative Honeymoon Fund Platform
Unleash the Joy of Breathtaking Experiences Over Traditional Gift-Giving

Honeymoon Registry by Hitchd

Craft your honeymoon registry and wave goodbye to guessing games. Curate your personalized honeymoon fund and cash registry that truly reflects your heart's desires.

The modern wedding registry no longer just revolves around toasters and dinner plates. Hitchd, a trailblazing online platform, is redefining the wedding gift game by having introduced an intuitive and exquisite Honeymoon Fund concept.

In a world where many couples are already living together before tying the knot, the trend of giving physical gifts has become quite passé. Hitchd propels the joy of gift-giving into more novel and meaningful areas. With a simple focus — facilitating experiences over objects, the platform offers a refreshing take on what makes a great wedding present — a dream honeymoon.

The value proposition of Hitchd lies in assisting couples to curate unique, customized honeymoon funds that align with their dream post-wedding getaways. Be it boutiques in Paris, exotic safaris in Africa or simple sunset dinners on serene beaches, anything can be included in this fund.

According to a 2022 study conducted by Hitchd, couples using Hitchd received an average cash gift of $198, beating The Knot's $160 by +23%.

Instead of gifting another set of dinner plates that will sit unused in the cupboard, wedding guests can now contribute to enriching experiences that create lifelong memories for the newlyweds.

With this platform, romantic activities, adventurous explorations, flight upgrades or even hotel stays during the honeymoon can be taken care of thanks to loved ones.

The Hitchd honeymoon fund truly sets itself apart from the traditional registry's limitations by providing optimal flexibility and customizability both to gift-givers and receivers.

“We’re seeing a significant transformation from physical gifts to experience-driven presents,” says Isuru Fonseka, CEO.

For more information about the Hitchd platform or to start your own honeymoon fund, visit our website: www.hitchd.com.

What is Hitchd?

Hitchd is an innovative online platform designed for modern couples who prefer memorable experiences to traditional gifts. The company's goal is to make gift-giving more meaningful by helping couples create customizable honeymoon registries where guests can contribute to after-wedding adventures rather than being confined to china and silverware offerings.

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Original Source: Hitchd Helps Newlyweds With Its Innovative Honeymoon Fund Platform
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