TiEnergy Celebrates Its 20th Year as an Innovator in Sustainable Railroad and Landfill Management
The Company Has Reduced the Carbon Footprint of the Rail Industry by 3.06 lbs. of CO2 per Recycled Tie

TiEnergy recycles and innovates new use for expired railroad ties.

TiEnergy removes, recycles, and repurposes expired railroad ties for landfill roadways.

- TiEnergy LLC, a family-owned railroad tie recycling and repurposing company with a track record of innovation in the industry, recently celebrated its 20th year in business. More than 22 million railroad ties are retired each year, and millions more sit idle in disposal sites and railyards. TiEnergy has developed innovative solutions to responsibly remove and sustainably recycle out-of-service ties and has also created new markets of demand for old ties where none previously existed. The company partners with Class I, Class II, and Short Line railroads, commercial and industrial companies, and landfills across the United States and Canada to recycle railroad ties and wood waste to reduce their carbon footprints.

"We're very proud to have reached a 20th-year milestone in our business," says Steve Berglund, CEO and founder of TiEnergy. "We recognized a gap in the market and realized we had an opportunity on our hands. Twenty years later, we've expanded our reach while helping our customers' businesses operate at maximum efficiency through sustainable methods that reduce the carbon footprint of our respective industries." 

Notably, the company invented a new in-demand product, TIEROC, that provides a sustainable reuse solution for millions of retired ties while also allowing landfills to streamline operations. Landfills use TIEROC as roadway material for truck deliveries. The innovative product prevents trucks from getting stuck as roads erode and also eliminates the need for carbon-intensive alternative materials such as rock and stone. TiEnergy also developed a patented technology — The Tie Plate Picker — a machine that separates the metal hardware from railroad tie wood so the wood can be repurposed as the key ingredient in TIEROC. In addition, TiEnergy has expanded its recycling capabilities beyond rail ties to include old utility poles, crane mats, and pallets. 

The company is a division of Midwest Companies, a waste industry service provider also founded by Steve Berglund. Midwest Companies manages industrial waste removal, hauling, construction and demolition, and related services. 

"We've been able to grow as an organization under any economic condition by adapting to change and finding solutions for problems that didn't seem solvable," Berglund says. "I know these same principles will carry us to our 40th year and beyond. Our motto at TiEnergy is: 'Change the process, change the world — one tie at a time.'" 

About TiEnergy

TiEnergy, LLC is an Illinois-based, family-owned company with a primary business of sustainable railroad tie removal, recycling and repurposing. Through innovative solutions such as TIEROC, an aggregate substitute made from recycled wood ties and out-of-service wood products, and patented technology that removes railroad tie plates, TiEnergy has created a new, environmentally responsible market for post-consumer waste. The company is a subsidiary of Midwest Companies, a sustainable waste management company that collects and recycles material waste for the construction, demolition, and railroad industries. For more information, visit https://www.tienergy-usa.com

Contact Information:
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PR for TiEnergy
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Original Source: TiEnergy Celebrates Its 20th Year as an Innovator in Sustainable Railroad and Landfill Management
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