A Celebrated Winner of the EBRUN Global Good Thing Award 2023
A Celebrated Winner of the EBRUN Global Good Thing Award 2023

NETHERLANDS, December 7, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Created by ebran, Indiegogo and Google, EBRUN is the leading platform for finding and praising great products worldwide. The selection is dedicated to products that not only meet but exceed global consumer expectations, which not only represent deep user satisfaction, but also exemplify international innovation and quality excellence, demonstrating the highest achievements in cross-cultural and cross-border innovation.

After a rigorous selection process and an in-depth exploration of innovation, the second edition of the EBRUN Global Good Things Awards has carefully selected 46 outstanding works that represent not only the cutting edge of the market, but also the culmination of craftsmanship and creativity. Among the many notable innovative products, DYU e-bike became the benchmark for its unparalleled user experience, revolutionary design and deep insight into future technology trends. It not only represents the new height of the electric bicycle, but also the leader of the future urban travel concept

On November 30, 2023, DYU founder Leven was invited to attend the “EBRUN Global Good Awards Ceremony” held by ebran, and DYU’s entry product D3F series won the EBRUN Global Good Awards 2023.

DYUD3F won the EBRUN Global Good Thing Award

DYU products won the “EBRUN Silver Award for Global Good” for their market-recognized brand strength, and the co-founder of ebran presented DYU with the award.

DYU D3F series has been recognized by the global good things jury is also deserved, DYU classic D series with its stylish design, small and easy to use characteristics by users at home and abroad love, successfully exported to more than 60 countries, harvest the global fishmeal more than 1 million, into a domestic goods to go to sea benchmarking case and Top brand.

DYU founder Leven participates in the roundtable conversation

In this fascinating roundtable conversation, Leven, founder of DYU, was invited to participate in a high-level seminar on the transformation of cross-border e-commerce to multinational operations. This is not only a business meeting, but also an exchange of ideas. Leven worked with the co-founder of Rest and the founder of timemore to explore the growth potential of the global market localization strategy and to find the perfect balance between globalization and localization.

In this in-depth conversation, these industry leaders not only share their successes and challenges, but also discuss how innovative technologies and unique market insights can be used to drive the evolution of business models to adapt to a rapidly changing global market environment. Their discussions were not limited to existing business strategies, but included predictions of future trends and exploration of emerging markets, with the goal of identifying and capitalizing on the key elements that will deliver sustained growth and competitive advantage.

The conference is seen as a milestone, marking a new level of understanding among multinational e-commerce entrepreneurs of the global business landscape. In this diverse and dynamic discussion environment, entrepreneurial leaders from different backgrounds came together to define a new business paradigm and set a new benchmark for the future development of the global e-commerce industry.

In its seven years of development, DYU has not only achieved great success in the field of electric bicycles, but also become an outstanding representative of the global electric transportation industry. Its success stems from its dual focus on design and technology, as well as its continuous implementation of precision localization strategies in the global market. This unique model has made DYU’s products widely recognized and loved around the world, and its shipments have continued to climb, consolidating its leading position in the industry.

By 2020, Dutch company DYU, with an impressive sales volume of 150,000 units, has become a particularly notable e-bike manufacturer in the global market. This achievement is not only a recognition of the excellent performance and exquisite design of its products, but also a clear demonstration of its strong influence and competitiveness on the international stage. As a Dutch company, DYU’s success is a sign of the global appeal of its technological innovation and marketing strategy, demonstrating the leading position of Dutch manufacturing in the field of electric vehicles. Even more remarkable is that by 2022, DYU shipments reached a historic peak of 500,000 units, an achievement that not only highlights DYU’s keen insight into industry trends, but also reflects the broad appeal and influence of its brand on a global scale.

These achievements of DYU are not only a commercial victory, but also a huge boost to the development of the global electric bicycle industry. It has not only made remarkable achievements in the field of technological innovation and design, but also demonstrated its excellent business wisdom and vision in the strategic layout and brand building of the global market. DYU’s story has become a model for the development of the e-bike industry, showing how technological innovation and marketing strategies can propel a brand to global leadership.

DYU’s overseas localization layout includes online retail channels such as the brand’s official website and Amazon, and offline channels have settled in many offline supermarkets, including Walmart, Costco, Sam, Carrefour and Auchan in France, and Maier department Store in Australia. In the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, France and other European countries, there are also relatively dispersed dealer networks.

DYU, an electric bicycle pioneer from the Netherlands, is launching a deeply localized marketing strategy in the global market. The company not only works with key opinion leaders across regions on content marketing, but also regularly organizes community rides centered around bike clubs to enhance the brand’s engagement with consumers. In addition, DYU has established professional local teams in key markets such as the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom, focusing on providing tailored services, efficient after-sales support and targeted marketing strategies. As an innovative company with Dutch roots, DYU is using these diversification initiatives to continuously expand its brand influence and market presence on the international stage.

The DYU D3F series won the prestigious EBRUN Global Good Things Award 2023, which is not only a high recognition of the superior strength of the DYU brand, but also represents its brilliant achievements in the global market. More significantly, this honor is not only an important milestone in the development of the DYU brand, but also a solid step towards industry leadership.

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