A Guide Transforming Your Life Now By Premleena Wettergran
A Guide Transforming Your Life Now By Premleena Wettergran

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It is a book for everyone that longs for harmony, awareness, and expansion in life. This inspirational and transformational book is about meeting your true authentic self, finding yourself, and becoming the person you are meant to be. Tune into your feelings, to your deeper self by taking the first step on your journey to your inner being. Based on her own transformation and running workshops shares her deep experience and expertise. You need to trust in something you cannot see, something that will carry you into transformation. She guides you in how to bring peace, abundance, and bliss into your life. These basic principles merge with every aspect of your life journey with the tools in this book. You can finally stop running away and embrace who you really are. Only you can make your dreams a reality to be free and alive. Everything you need is in your own hands, to unlock your creativity, find success, and love your family and mainly yourself.


PREMLEENA is an Osho Counseling Therapist, Life Coach, Reiki Healing Master, and a Creator of Transforming Processes for over thirty-five years. She has helped thousands of people from leaders to individuals to move from stress, burnout, and dissatisfaction to find inner peace and freedom. So they can lead a fulfilled free life and feel alive like never. Leena started her own transforming journey in 1983 after crying on her bathroom floor for help and despair. Since then she has spent years in meditation, learning therapeutic techniques, and sitting by master’s feet. In the early 1990s, Lena began facilitating group workshops, different meditations, and her wheel of life. She guides you step by step in trust and understanding. Leena has created a group by Bara Vara’s {a group place in Sweden}” Doors Opening” therapeutic process. Also for Bjornbacka for “The Leap” New Bliss Retreats and Group Processes. Leena wants to share awareness outside of Sweden that it is possible for all to live a blissful life because it starts within you. Give yourself the gift of investing in your awareness.

You can watch Premleena’s Interview with Logan Crawford on Spotlight Network through this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70su2Eli3qc. You can visit her website at this link www.premleena.se. You may also check his book on Amazon with this link https://a.co/d/hKyj91U.

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Bliss: True Abundant Living – on Spotlight with Logan Crawford

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