FAA Accepts Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test as Approved Test for Medical Clearance

Waggoner CCVT accepted by FAA for use by Aviation Medical Examiners

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Waggoner CCVT accepted by FAA for use by Aviation Medical Examiners for medical clearance of pilots and air traffic controller specialists.

We are proud to have the FAA accept our Waggoner CCVT as an approved testing method for pilots. The validation process was rigorous and we’re honored to have met the highest of standards of the FAA.”

— T.J. Waggoner

ROGERS, AR, USA, October 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that it now accepts computerized color vision tests, including the Waggoner CCVT, for the purpose of medical clearance of pilots and air traffic controllers as of May 31st, 2023.

The FAA has accepted the Waggoner CCVT, which provides precision color vision testing capabilities, as a valid means of testing prospective pilots for color vision deficiencies. The Waggoner CCVT is a standardized test of color vision deficiencies and was validated by the FAA’s Civil Aviation Medical Institute. The FAA’s memorandum can be found on the FAA’s website, Federal Aviation Administration Memorandum.

The Waggoner CCVT screens for Protan, Deutan, and Tritan deficiencies in a computerized format– giving examiners reliable and precise information every time the test is administered while covering all the variations of color deficiency, not just the most common.

Color vision is just one of many components in the medical clearance process for pilots. Normal color vision allows pilots to adequately interpret bi-color navigation lights, airway markers, aviation charts and displays, aircraft signaling lights, and other flight-related color coding.

Waggoner Diagnostics is based in Arkansas and was founded in 1994 by Optometrist Terrace L. Waggoner Sr. who envisioned better color vision testing solutions for pediatric patients like his own son who has a color vision deficiency. The company is now led by Terrace L Waggoner Jr., “T.J.”, who continues to innovate and educate in the area of color vision. “We are proud to have the FAA accept our computerized color vision test as an approved testing method for pilots. The validation process was rigorous and we’re honored to have met the highest of standards set by the FAA.” said T.J.

In addition to improving flight safety standards, Waggoner Diagnostics is also active in educating the public and medical professionals about acquired color vision deficiencies. Acquired deficiencies that arise in adulthood and affects 15% of the general population, can be a helpful indicator in diagnosing the top four leading causes of blindness and ocular toxicity.

For more information about color vision testing please visit: www.WaggonerDiagnostics.com or to reach Waggoner Diagnostics, email: [email protected].

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