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SWITZERLAND, August 16, 2023/ — In our digital economy, traders and control room operators are essential workers in mission-critical roles, handling everything from major stock exchanges and traffic management to utilities and public safety systems. Swiss-based workplace solutions specialist WEYTEC provides high-performance infrastructure for critical control rooms and trading floors worldwide. The company’s latest range of user experience features combines ergonomic comfort and efficient workflows to help essential workers focus on the everyday tasks that keep these organizations running smoothly.

The heart of WEYTEC’s mission is creating a workplace set-up that’s easy and enjoyable to use. A one-stop control interface allowing the user to access and control all underlying systems, usually a smartTOUCH keyboard, is central to this approach: it sits at the heart of the workplace, surrounded by easy-to-reach screens. Enhanced smartUX solutions move control to the user’s screen, consolidating the workplace. Various switching options allow operators to toggle rapidly between different layouts and sources for streamlined workflows when it counts.

Featuring 52 physical keys and unlimited softkeys, the smartTOUCH keyboard allows the user to unlock virtually infinite combinations of preset configurations to suit their day-to-day operational needs. Third-party systems are easy to integrate and operate from the same control unit. Additional surveillance and smart building technology features even allow smartTOUCH operators to control building access, heating and cooling systems from the comfort of their desks.

Other WEYTEC user experience features go beyond the individual workplace to make life easier for staff across the organization. Collaboration tools such as screen sharing facilitate teamwork, while permissions management monitors and manages access to mission-critical systems, offering oversight and peace of mind for admin, HR and data security professionals. With audio, visual and keyboard layout alarm systems and an emergency mode, operators can respond swiftly to critical situations and keep working when things don’t go as planned. WEYTEC workplace solutions are designed for ease of use and simple training processes, so personnel can come to grips with them in the time it takes to get used to a new smartphone.

Routes to success: WEYTEC user experience powers Hamburger Hochbahn

One continuing success story is the relationship between WEYTEC and Hamburger Hochbahn in Germany. For 15 years, the Hamburg public transport operator has relied on WEYTEC’s workplace solutions and flexible, easy-to-use keyboards to power their mission-critical workflows and minimize risk of error. Building on this foundational success, Hamburger Hochbahn has chosen WEYTEC to implement their next-generation control room, with the smartTOUCH keyboard as the core control unit. Its ability to power split-second reactions, instant access to systems and streamlined switching between sources is at the heart of an operating concept that should stand Hamburger Hochbahn’s “heroes” in good stead for another decade or more.


WEY Technology is a Swiss-based global IT company that develops and manufactures virtually all its products and solutions in-house in Switzerland. WEYTEC is the specialist for high-performance workplaces on trading floors and in control rooms in any sector (public safety, utilities, traffic management, aviation, process-controlled industry). WEYTEC has deployed over 50,000 workplaces at 500+ customer sites around the world. With almost 40 years of experience and expertise, the company offers a full portfolio of professional services to customers and partners in 45 countries.

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