ISID attends the Europol Industry & Research Days 2024
ISID attends the Europol Industry & Research Days 2024



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ISID was invited to present a real use case of video analysis using AI in a European police force in the Europol Industry & Research Days.

MADRID, MADRID, ESPAñA, February 7, 2024 / — Madrid, February 7th 2024. ISID, a technology company focused on AI solutions and platforms for advanced video and audio storage and analysis attended the Europol Industry & Research Days 2024 from January 16 to 18 in The Hague. ISID was invited to the “AI Tools” session to present a real use case of video analysis using AI in a European police force, with its Intelion platform.

Europol, the European police agency, based in The Hague, Netherlands, has the mission of supporting all member countries in preventing and combating international and organized crime, as well as organized fraud, drug trafficking, terrorism or cybercrime. The agency also collaborates with other nations beyond the Eurozone.

On the other hand, Europol has the responsibility of advancing innovation in security forces and promoting research. To this end, the agency collaborates with universities and private companies, as well as research and development centers, to discover and select new technologies that can help in police work.

To this end, this organization holds an event called “Europol Industry & Research Days” in which security forces from all the countries of the Union, as well as private companies and other organizations, meet to stay up to date with technological advances. that are occurring and that can impact police work. The event is the main forum for innovation of security forces and agencies with the goal of preventing the possible threats of conventional crime and cybercrime, as well as to find new applications of current technology to the investigation and resolution of crimes that have already been committed.

AI Tools for police work

This year’s main topics revolved around OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), new emerging platforms, robotics and AI tools. For this reason, ISID was invited to participate in the session dedicated to artificial intelligence tools applied to police work, called “AI Tools”. In it we presented a real case of use of our Intelion platform in a European police force.

Intelion is a video and audio analyzer for police forces, intelligence centers, government agencies and other public and private organizations, which reduces investigation times to a fraction of usual, by automating video review and documentation tasks, audios and photos generated in surveillance, listening or social network analysis operations. It can function as a forensic video analysis tool, or in ongoing investigations.

Intelion is an AI analytics platform that can be integrated into a VMS or function independently, processing video files, surveillance cameras, radio and TV broadcasts or content from online platforms and social networks in a massive and unattended manner. It applies AI-based analyzers to automatically classify all information and locate targets, faces, objects and other types of information.

About ISID

ISID is a spanish and global company that develops solutions and platforms for the processing, analysis, management and storage of audio and video, whether file-based, streaming or live (TV). Our solutions integrate advanced AI analysis modules (like biometrics, S2T, translation, object recognition, audio fingerprinting & ID, etc.) and are used in multiple sectors, such as Security, Government and Public Administration, Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Communication Agencies, Education, Media Banks, Healthcare and Legal. They are platform agnostic and can be integrated with most technology vendors and existing A/V installations.

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