Asset inventory summary from KeyCaliber’s CTEM assessment

Risk summary from KeyCaliber's CTEM assessment

Risk summary from KeyCaliber’s CTEM assessment

Organizations can quickly and easily see what security issues need prioritization based on business context

We are working with KeyCaliber because we see real value in their CTEM assessments helping business and supporting cybersecurity teams in their roles.”

— Seb Eades, Co-Founder of Considered Cyber Strategies

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, January 4, 2024 / — KeyCaliber, the market innovator in continuous threat exposure management (CTEM), launched its automated exposure assessment to readily give customers actionable insight into its highest security priorities from a business perspective.

Today’s cybersecurity teams are overloaded and challenged to keep up with their growing number of vulnerabilities and alerts. The average enterprise has a backlog of 100,000 vulnerabilities and can generate anywhere from 5,000 to 200,000 security alerts per day. Prioritization becomes the key to combating the volume and effectively reducing risk to improve cyber resilience.

KeyCaliber’s innovative technology calculates exposure and risk as it relates to business context and investment. Using its proprietary Impact Score, via machine learning, each asset is given a business impact score. This allows security teams to know exactly which assets are mission-critical, or the “Crown Jewels”, and how to pinpoint and prioritize their efforts. This unique capability goes beyond typical security scorecards and applies the business context needed to make cybersecurity decisions and actions with confidence and business relevance.

“It’s not enough for enterprises to know their vulnerabilities and their external attack surface; it’s now imperative that they can quickly optimize security teams to ensure the right focus and investment,” said Roselle Safran, Founder and CEO of KeyCaliber, “Our customers are able to use KeyCaliber’s solution to identify their business risk and address their gaps with precision and efficiency.”

KeyCaliber’s continuous threat exposure management solution uses existing security telemetry and machine learning rather than exhausting security teams – and the rest of the enterprise – with interviews and surveys. Its newly released one-time assessment tool reveals which assets are most important, where their greatest business risk lies and provides remediation recommendations. This assessment tool gives cybersecurity leaders an immediate view of their risk and security landscape. Popular use cases for KeyCaliber’s assessments include ransomware readiness reports, business impact reviews, M&A diligence, asset management audits, and more.

KeyCaliber is expanding its service provider network by allowing its partners to deliver the CTEM assessments to its customers. Service provider customers are able to quickly see how to prioritize risks aligned with their strategic goals so they can secure what matters most to their success, and that builds great confidence in their service providers. “Businesses need to have the ability to understand their most high risk assets. The role of today’s security programs is all about finding possible vulnerabilities and reducing the risk of assets as fast as possible,” said Seb Eades, Co-Founder of Considered Cyber Strategies. “We are working with KeyCaliber because we see real value in their CTEM assessments helping business and supporting cybersecurity teams in their roles.”

To learn more about KeyCaliber’s cyber threat exposure assessment tool, please visit For service providers interested in KeyCaliber, please contact [email protected].

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