Modius ®Inc. Announces the Availability of Breakthrough AI Capability in OpenData® DCIM Product Line.

Modius Inc. introduces OpenData AI: A groundbreaking solution that empowers data center operators with unprecedented insights and anomaly detection capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, September 26, 2023 / — Modius® Inc., a leading innovator in data center infrastructure management solutions, announces the availability of its groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence capability to the OpenData® product line. This development marks a significant milestone in data center management, offering unprecedented insights and capabilities to operators.

OpenData AI introduces a revolutionary approach by training the AI (Artificial Intelligence) system to understand and recognize the “normal” behavior of the data center. Leveraging proven algorithms developed by Modius, the platform can now detect anomalies in one or more monitored features, empowering operators to swiftly and accurately diagnose problems, enhancing operational efficiency, and minimizing downtime.

One of the perennial challenges in machine learning is the availability of relevant data for analysis and action. Modius addresses this challenge by combining advanced algorithms with the rich datasets collected by OpenData in data centers. This synergy enables operators to proactively find and mitigate potential threats, improving operational efficiency and ensuring uninterrupted data center performance.

OpenData AI will help speed the transition from today’s world of Scheduled Maintenance to the next generation of Condition-based and Predictive maintenance practices. Both next-gen options leverage the large datasets employed by the machine learning capabilities of OpenData Ai to help optimize maintenance budgets and reduce downtime.

“The release of OpenData AI is a game-changer for the data center industry,” said Craig Compiano, President of Modius Inc. “We are proud to offer our customers the next-generation tools they need to proactively manage their data center operations, reduce risks, and maximize uptime. While you can expect others to offer AI, we take the technology and DCIM to another level by supplying a unique on-premise, operator-configurable version.”

Modius Inc. invites data center operators and IT professionals to explore the possibilities of OpenData AI’s machine learning capability, which promises to redefine how data centers and critical facilities are managed. For more information and to request a demo, please visit

About Modius

Modius Inc. is a world-leading end-to-end solution provider for managing critical facilities’ availability, capacity, and efficiency in data centers, smart buildings, telecommunications, and IoT (Internet of Things) environments.

OpenData®, our flagship offering, provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing the performance of mission-critical infrastructure, from the integration of disparate devices to analytics to integrated dashboards.

We are passionate about helping clients run more profitable, better-integrated data centers. We are based in San Francisco and are proudly a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB Certified). You can reach us at [email protected] or 1-888.323.0066.

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