Take a Look Back at NBAA’s Top Articles of 2023

Dec. 26, 2023

From workforce challenges to operational regulations and everything in between, NBAA’s most-clicked articles of 2023 looked at a wide range of issues facing the business aviation industry this year.

Below is a list of NBAA’s top 10 clicked on articles and press releases of the past year.

NBAA’s 2023 Compensation Survey Shows Big Increases in Pilot Pay

The association’s latest Compensation Survey showed growth in pay for pilots from 2022 to 2023, with salaries up roughly 12% among senior captain, captain and first officer positions in the business aviation industry. Read more.

CBP Clarifies APIS Rules for Leaving US

In October, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has revised its Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) guidance to standardize and clarify departure clearance processes for outbound international travel, particularly for general aviation operations. Learn more.

InFO 23001 Provides Aircraft Approach Category Background

Published last January, InFO 23001, “Use of Aircraft Approach Category During Instrument Approach Operations,” provides expanded information about the aircraft approach category to be used during instrument approaches, as determined by the aircraft’s certification authority. Read more.

In the Magazine: Inside Coca-Cola’s Flight Operations Team

With customers in more than 200 countries and territories, The Coca-Cola Company reaches people everywhere. The iconic brand was an early pioneer of business aviation, and still leads the way on flying safety, sustainability, service, diversity and professional development. Learn more.

Looking at Pilot Hiring Through a New Lens

The ongoing workforce shortage across business aviation may require flight departments to adapt their traditional hiring criteria for pilots with the demands of an evolving employment landscape, all without compromising safety or company culture. Read more.

Operators: FAA Announces Pilot Records Database Enforcement Campaign

In March, the agency announced it would begin an enforcement campaign related to compliance with the Pilot Records Database (PRD) requirements. In Notice 8900.653 Pilot Records Database Compliance Oversight, the FAA cited several potential findings, including operators that did not apply for database access by the Sept. 8, 2021, deadline. Learn more.

Prepare for New European Passenger Entry Programs

In March, NBAA encouraged operators that travel to Europe to begin the registration process to participate in the European Union’s new passenger-entry systems, managed and overseen by the European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. Read more.

NBAA Names the 2023 Business Aviation Top 40 Under 40

The annual award recognizes rising leaders who are driving innovation within the industry. “We are pleased to announce the newest class of Top 40 Under 40 business aviation professionals, whose inspiring stories illustrate the nearly endless possibilities available in our dynamic industry,” NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen said in the October announcement. Learn more.

Lessons Learned From Business Aviation Accidents

Despite constant industry efforts to improve safety, accident investigations typically reveal familiar and shared causal factors. Lessons learned from these three accidents could save lives. Read more.

FAA Responds to NBAA Concerns Over PIC Line Check Requirements

In April, The FAA responded positively to comments from NBAA’s Part 135 Subcommittee regarding the ability to secure necessary checkride opportunities for business aviation flight crews and offered new guidance to assist operators in accomplishing these required checks. Learn more.

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