Timeshare Advice Center and American Consumer Claims celebrate US launch triumph

American Consumer Claims in the US European Consumer Claims in Europe

Land of the Free (from unwanted timeshare)

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European Consumer Claims in Europe, American Consumer Claims in the US

What clients are noticing is a significant difference in professionalism between ourselves and firms offering a similar service in the USA”

— Suzanne Stojanovic

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — European Consumer Claims (ECC)

American Consumer Claims (ACC) might be a relatively new name in the USA, but they have been timeshare claims and relinquishment market leaders in Europe since 2016. Across the Atlantic they are known as European Consumer Claims (ECC), and have helped thousands of people escape from unfair and unwanted timeshare contracts. They have also successfully claimed tens of millions of pounds in financial compensation for clients who were mis-sold memberships.

Many ECC/ACC clients were US or British citizens who needed to escape timeshare contracts in the US, Caribbean or Mexico.

With consistent, 5 star reviews, glowing, audited customer video testimonials, enviable media coverage and a referenceable, industry-leading track record, a more robust expansion into the larger US market was the natural next step.

American Consumer Claims (ACC)

The US has a timeshare user base almost 20 times the size of the UK, and their contracts are tougher. US timeshare owners are routinely locked into ‘in perpetuity’ memberships in the continental United States, Hawaiian islands, Caribbean and Mexico (among other places).

As the name suggests, these ownership terms can literally be forever. When the owner dies, it passes on with their estate to their often unwilling offspring.

American Consumer Claims was incorporated in the USA and officially launched on May 1st 2023, to bring their experience, expertise and reputation Stateside. Many of the highly experienced ECC staff are the same people managing ACC clients’ cases in the US.

“We launched in the USA with a radio campaign broadcast across New York and surrounding states,” says ACC spokesperson Suzanne Stojanovic. “The response has been overwhelming. We had hundreds of enquiries and have an excellent track record with those relinquishments.

“With the success of this ‘soft launch’ ACC will expand its advertising outwards (through our new marketing brand My Timeshare Claim) to more and more states, until we cover the whole of the US.”

Overjoyed clients

Without exception, ACC clients have all reported positive experiences from start to finish.

Keith Davis bought a membership of Holiday Inn timeshare resort while on holiday in North Carolina together with his wife Leslie, under what he describes as “extreme pressure.”

The Davises tried to cancel within the recision period, but Keith says the timeshare company ignored him until a year later, when they began sending him threatening messages demanding management fee payments. Keith got in touch with ACC and (his words)”in no time flat” we got his contract cancelled.

Rosanne Alexander similarly needed to get free from a burdensome ownership, and found ACC after a bad experience with Disgraced US firm Timeshare Termination Team. Her experience with ACC left her “jumping for joy.”

Airline senior executive Andrew Stern praised ACC’s “refreshing approach,” after being freed from Oasis Lakes timeshare in Florida.

All three of these clients’ spoken accounts can be found on the ECC/ACC testimonial page.

Get in touch

“What clients are noticing is a significant difference in professionalism between ourselves and firms offering a similar service in the USA,” says Stojanovic.
“We deal with a lot of people who have previously had negative experiences trying to escape US timeshares,” she continues. “To those people we say: ‘Get in touch with us.

“You will see the difference straight away’.”

Suzanne Stojanovic
American Consumer Claims
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European Consumer Claims in Europe, American Consumer Claims in the USA

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