Tips for Families Planning Their Holidays from the U.S.A.

Pristine Waters of Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica

An All-inclusive Resort in Cancun, Mexico

An All-inclusive Resort in Cancun, Mexico

As the holiday season approaches, families looking for a sunny getaway often find themselves deciding between Costa Rica and Mexico.

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SAN JOSE, SAN JOSé, COSTA RICA, December 13, 2023 / — As the festive season nears, families in the U.S.A. contemplating a sunny getaway often debate between Costa Rica and Mexico. To assist in this decision, Costa Rica Vacations has released a new guide, offering insights into what each destination has to offer for a memorable Christmas holiday.

Costa Rica: An Eco-Friendly Christmas Destination

Costa Rica, with its natural beauty, commitment to green living, and biodiversity, attracts visitors year-round. The country’s diverse landscape, from rainforests to secluded beaches, offers an array of outdoor activities such as zip-lining, national park hikes, and surfing, ensuring an eco-conscious and adventure-filled vacation.

Mexico: A Blend of Beaches, Culture, and History

Mexico presents a different holiday experience with its mix of stunning beaches, cultural richness, and historical sites. Destinations like Cancún, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum are known for their beach activities and vibrant nightlife, while cities like Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, and Oaxaca are celebrated for their historical significance and traditional Christmas celebrations, including posadas.

Prioritizing Safety During the Festive Season

Travelers to both destinations are encouraged to observe safety precautions. In Mexico, awareness of petty crimes, cautious use of public transport, and attention to water quality are advised. In Costa Rica, visitors should be mindful of petty theft and road conditions.

Proximity and Accessibility to the U.S.

Both destinations are relatively close to major U.S. cities, with Mexico being slightly more accessible. Average flight times range from five to nine hours, making them convenient choices for holiday travel.

Travelers can expect busy airport scenes in Mexico, with Cancún leading the rush, especially on Fridays before and after Christmas. Costa Rica’s less crowded airports offer a calmer experience. Tip: for a smooth start to a festive adventure, travelers should arrive early and allow extra time for check-ins and security in both countries.

Language, Currency, and Local Customs: A Hassle-Free Trip

Learning local customs, language, and currency enriches the travel experience. Both countries are predominantly Spanish-speaking, though English is widely spoken in tourist areas.

Managing the Christmas Crowds

The Christmas period sees a surge in tourism in both countries. Early reservation of accommodations and activities in popular destinations like Cancún, Mexico City, La Fortuna, and Manuel Antonio is recommended.

Accommodation Options: All-Inclusive Resorts vs Boutique Hotels

Mexico’s variety of all-inclusive resorts cater to family needs, while Costa Rica offers boutique hotels, with some all-inclusive options in the north Pacific coast, particularly in Guanacaste.

Experiencing Christmas Traditions

Both Costa Rica and Mexico provide unique Christmas traditions. Mexico is noted for its Las Posadas, piñatas, and Nochebuena celebrations. Costa Rica is known for its novenas, festive foods, and beachside festivities.

Considerations for Holiday Planning

The guide also provides valuable insights on the festive season in each country. Tips include:

– Booking in advance: Both destinations experience a surge in visitors during Christmas. To secure ideal accommodations and activities, planning ahead is essential.

– Considering the budget: While both offer budget-friendly options, Costa Rica generally has a higher price point compared to Mexico.

– Enjoying the local pace: Christmas in Latin America is a time for family and festivities. Travelers should be prepared for slower service and longer wait times, especially at popular attractions.

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