Traditional Private Equity Fund Unveils World’s First Tokenized Aircraft Leasing Fund

(From Right to left) Mr Howard Cheung, CFO of Anisos Capital Group; Mr Louie Lee, Managing Director, Prosynergy; Captain Simon Wu, COO of Anisos Capital Group; Mr Steven Dominique Cheung, Chairman and CEO of Anisos Capital Group; Dr Florian Spiegl, Founde

Anisos Capital Group CEO Steven Cheung, alongside Evident's Florian Spiegl, Thomas Gijsels, and Manton Wai, speaks at a panel about revolutionizing aviation finance through tokenization, referencing the acquisition and leasing of new aircraft like the Air

Anisos Capital Group’s CEO Steven Dominique Cheung discussing aviation finance transformation alongside Evident’s leadership team at the Anisos Primary Digital Securities Offering

Anisos Capital Group Logo

Anisos Capital Group Logo

Anisos Capital Group launch world’s first tokenized aircraft leasing fund, democratizing aviation investment with digital securities on licensed platform.

We aim to redefine investment and asset management in the aviation sector, pushing boundaries beyond tokenization. Our plans includes acquiring up to 70 aircraft, leasing them to top-tier airlines.”

— Steven Dominique Cheung, CEO of Anisos Capital Group

HONG KONG, February 7, 2024 / — In an unprecedented move within the aviation finance industry, Anisos Capital Group and Evident Group have unveiled the launch of the first-ever tokenized aircraft leasing fund, housed within a traditional Limited Partnership structure. This groundbreaking initiative is poised to transform the landscape of fund structures, making it easier for professional investors to enter the market with much lower investment thresholds. The introduction of tokenization reduces the minimum investment requirement in aircraft leasing funds from US$5 million to just US$1,500, significantly enhancing asset liquidity and democratizing access to the exclusive aviation leasing sector.

This collaboration marks a major leap forward in the tokenization of 3 billion USD worth of digital securities assets, incorporating tokenization of Real World Assets (RWA) into alternative investment portfolios under strict regulatory oversight. This innovative step is reshaping the financial securities arena by ushering in a new era of digital securities finance.

With the green light from regulatory authorities, the licensed digital platform brings the concept of asset-backed tokenization to life, allowing investors to directly fund real-world economic activities. This platform not only increases asset liquidity but also grants professional investors access to the aviation leasing market, which was previously out of reach.

Focusing on the aviation sector, this partnership aims to tokenize assets, particularly in commercial passenger and cargo aircraft leasing. As a global first, this regulated limited partnership fund is set to invest significant capital in aviation assets, providing investors with a unique opportunity to delve into the profitable commercial aircraft leasing market with increased liquidity and flexibility.

Steven Dominique Cheung, CEO of Anisos Capital Group, shared, “We aim to redefine investment and asset management in the aviation sector, pushing the boundaries beyond mere tokenization. Our vision is to transform aviation finance, offering investors an unparalleled opportunity to enter a market brimming with potential and appeal. Our investment strategy includes acquiring up to 70 state-of-the-art aircraft, like the Airbus A320 NEO and Boeing 737 Max series, and leasing them to top-tier global airlines.”

Traditionally, acquiring a new large wide-body aircraft required at least 300 million USD, with the market largely dominated by major lending institutions. The tokenization of Anisos’s limited partnership fund lowers the entry barrier to a mere 1,500 USD, allowing investors to benefit from 24/7 real-time settlements without the burden of storage or insurance costs.

Captain Simon Wu, COO of Anisos Capital Group, emphasized, “The future of the aviation industry hinges on advanced and efficient aircraft, which not only signal a shift in airline financing and operational strategies but also offer up to 20% improvements in operational efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Investing in such assets is crucial for the aviation industry’s growth.”

The fund is meticulously designed to offer investors robust risk management, regulatory adherence, and a commitment to corporate governance, ensuring a secure and risk-adjusted investment opportunity. The transparent and regulated nature of the fund makes it an attractive proposition for investors seeking reliable investment avenues.

The integration of blockchain technology enhances the efficiency and transparency of the Anisos fund. Smart contracts automate numerous traditional fund management tasks, significantly cutting costs. In a climate of rising interest rates, this novel investment approach promises investors potential double-digit returns without the volatility associated with cryptocurrencies.

“With our licensed, blockchain-powered platform, EVIDENT aims to be at the forefront of the industry’s inevitable digital transformation. Our vision is to redefine the infrastructure for managing and distributing alternative assets, focusing on efficiency, transparency, and accessibility,” added Dr Florian Spiegl, Founder & CEO of Evident Group. “This partnership with Anisos Capital Group exemplifies our shared commitment to modernizing investment practices while prioritizing investor protection within a regulated framework. It is a concrete step in moving from conceptual stages in asset tokenization to impactful real-world projects. “This pioneering collaboration not only opens new investment avenues with flexible exit strategies, including secondary market trading, but also aims to establish new benchmarks in asset management and investment within the aviation sector, signalling a fundamental shift in the methodologies of aviation asset financing and management.

Howard Cheung, CFO of Anisos Capital Group, projected, “By 2030, the tokenized RWA market could surge to 16 trillion USD. This collaboration focuses on the passenger and cargo aircraft leasing sector, providing an alternative investment route for direct participation in the commercial aircraft leasing market, thereby introducing uniqueness, liquidity, and flexibility to traditionally illiquid assets.”

By leveraging blockchain technology, this partnership creates a platform where illiquid assets are transformed into liquid assets, expanding investment possibilities, eliminating lengthy commitment periods, and democratizing access to alternative asset classes typically reserved for large institutional investors.

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