African United To Host Global Event For People Of African Descent

‘The Descendants of Africa Family Reunion’ is bringing the diaspora and Africans together for a virtual event during Black History Month.

We’ve got everything we need, we just need each other. Our combined natural and human resources are valued at over $100 trillion, so by coming together we could usher in a new era of self-sufficiency.”

— Donald Hallback

TAMPA, FL, USA, September 22, 2023 / — African United is excited to announce the inaugural Descendants of Africa Family Reunion taking place on Monday, February 19, 2024. The virtual event will unite people of African descent from across the globe and will serve as a starting point for a greater conversation on harnessing our collective wealth to combat poverty and environmental decline.

“We’ve got everything we need, we just need each other. Our combined natural and human resources are valued at over $100 trillion, so when we remove the legacy of division that was left by colonialism and enslavement, we’ll usher in an era of self-sufficiency. Which will take us from being among the world’s poorest, to having the influence of organizations like the UN, IMF and other international institutions that demand respect,” says Donald Hallback, founder of African United.

“It’s our chance to reshape an outdated world financial system, which is a relic of the past, and create a sustainable world where all nations, regardless of history, can trade fairly and equitably,” adds Hallback.

African United is extending a heartfelt invitation to the global community of people of African descent, from family members and community leaders, to government officials and spiritual leaders, to join in for this historic gathering. This event holds the key to a vision shared by our ancestors for us to come together as one, as stewards for a better future for us all.

The Descendants of Africa Family Reunion is being held in celebration of Black History Month in the United States to pay tribute to enslaved Africans and those who have come before us.

“I have roots in Beallsville, Florida, which was founded by enslaved Africans who were freed. And my ancestors restructured the local financial system without external assistance, which fostered cooperation and equality. It was my father’s dream to share this method worldwide, so I’m continuing this legacy through this reunion and the initiatives that come from it,” explains Hallback.

The Descendants of Africa Family Reunion will take place online at 8 a.m. EST.

Which is at 7 a.m. EST in Kingston, 12 p.m. GMT in Accra, 2 p.m. SAST in Cape Town and 3 p.m. EAT in Dodoma.

To learn more about how to partner with African United, sponsor the family reunion or sign up for the event, email [email protected] or visit

About African United

African United is the manifestation of the vision that enslaved Africans in the United States left behind. It was their great hope that we as their descendants use our combined wealth and technology in Africa, the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America, and across the globe to create a mutually beneficial and sustainable world for people of African descent.

Led by global activist Donald Hallback, the organization was established in 2008, and continues to bring the diaspora and African community together for the unified purpose of harnessing our collective wealth.

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