Brand new keyboard app with an optimized layout for better typing.

wixboard keyboard

Wixboard keyboard layout

Wixboard keyboard numbers layout

A custom keyboard for easy, ergonomic typing, with optimized layout for finger movement, and text zoom feature.

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, September 22, 2023 / — The idea behind was to create a keyboard layout for the circular finger movement, and for a better text visualisation.
Once installed, the keyboard works with all messaging and texting apps on the phone, the user can easy switch between the standard keyboard and the wixboard keyboard.

Wixboard comes with a completely different keyboard layout, designed for easier, ergonomic, and faster tying.

The optimized layout for finger movement, is based on the finding that, while typing, the thumbs moves in semicircular path, and not rectiline, reason for, the interlocking keys layout comes into place.

The keyboard displays the most used symbols together with the letters, on the first screen.

Second keyboard provides numbers and symbols.

Third keyboard is dedicated to original additional symbols.

The most interesting feature is the active zoom for the current word.

While typing, the current word is displayed with big letters for a correct typing and easy focus.

Typing consist of words, separated by spaces, so, once a word is finished, and the space key is pressed, the zoom becomes active for the next word, this way, the user can stay focus at one word at a time, while typing.

The keyboard app is 100% safe.

There is no data or typing record.

It works completely offline.

The app display no ads.

Wixboard is available as iphone keyboard and android keyboard.

While using this keyboard, typing can be faster and more accurate.

After all, the idea is not to replace the default keyboards of the phone, but, to provide an alternative.

The new layout allows more space for the keys, the triangular shapes fits better together.

While typing, the target of the keys is easier to rich , the letters and symbols being placed in circular shape.

The interlocking layout of the keys allows the integration of the most used symbols (comma, dot and question mark) stright in the first keyboard, together with the characters keys, this way , it is no need to switch to different layout, too often.

The app follows the phone dark or light screen mode.

After installing the keyboard app, the launch screen provide instruction on how to install the keyboard itself in the phone, then, the switch keyboard icon on the bottom of the default keyboard displays the installed keyboards, including wixboard keyboard.

Same switch icon is used on wixboard, to switch back to the standard keyboard.

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