Charming children’s story Boar and Family Book Series by Cindy and Gus Gee warms hearts

Book 1: Boar

Book 2: Boar's Letter

Book 2: Boar’s Letter

Book 2: Boar's Sister Junior

Book 2: Boar’s Sister Junior

Fall is here. Check out this charming children’s book series by Cindy & Gus Gee

A stuffed animal comes to life in this charming, imaginative children’s book series.”

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 7, 2023 / — Cindy and Gus Gee releases Books 1 through 5 of the Boar children’s book series…a creative and heartwarming tale by about a stuffed animal coming to life and finding its forever home and family.

A couple shopping at a pet store spots a stuffed chew toy, a Boar. The toy is brought home to their dog where they soon realize Boar is not only alive, but is able to talk! Boar has the family she has always wanted in this adorable children’s book. Learn more about Boar, Boar’s sister and brother Junior and Hardy, and more today.

Book 1: Boar – Boar’s Family
(ISBN: 979-8988838005)
Book 2: Boar’s Letter
(ISBN: 979-8988838029)
Book 3: Boar’s Sister Junior
(ISBN: 979-8988838043)
Book 4: Boar’s Brother Hardy
(ISBN: 979-8988838067)
Book 5: Boar’s School
(ISBN: 979-8988838081)

Order today at fine retailers everywhere in paperback or hardcover edition. Children will love this imaginative and delightful story.

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