Chicago Attorney Adam J. Zayed Offers Insights on Determining Car Accident Settlements

Attorney Adam J. Zayed

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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2023/ — According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are over 2 million car accidents a year in the US. Car accidents can disrupt lives, causing financial strain and emotional distress for victims and their families.

Attorney Adam J. Zayed, renowned for his expertise in personal injury law, sheds light on the critical factors in determining just compensation.

“Understanding the value of a car accident settlement involves considering both economic and non-economic losses,” said Attorney Adam J. Zayed. “Economic losses encompass tangible financial setbacks that victims endure due to the accident.

These can range from lost wages and medical expenses to unforeseen costs such as vehicle repairs and transportation needs.”

“On the other hand, non-economic losses delve into the intangible toll the accident takes on victims’ lives. “Pain and suffering, emotional distress, and scars or disfigurement fall under this category. These damages are intricate to quantify as they differ from person to person and require a comprehensive understanding of each victim’s unique circumstances.” said Zayed.

Documenting losses accurately and comprehensively is vital when pursuing a car accident settlement. Zayed emphasizes the importance of certain preparatory steps before accepting any settlement offer:

Establishing Proof of Liability: Before filing a claim, evidence of fault is paramount. This may involve police reports, witness statements, and accident scene photographs.

Medical Recovery: A victim should only submit an insurance claim when their recovery is nearing completion. This ensures that all incurred losses are accounted for.

Return to Work Assessment: Understanding a victim’s ability to return to work is crucial, as wages factor into the settlement arrangement.

“Meticulous documentation of the accident playing a pivotal role. Insurance adjusters may offer swift settlement deals, aiming to minimize payouts. It’s essential for victims to exercise caution during interactions with insurance adjusters. They often use tactics to downplay claims, such as requesting incriminating statements or discouraging legal representation.” said Zayed.

Zayed also underscores the advantages of enlisting legal expertise when pursuing a car accident settlement. “Working with an experienced attorney can significantly enhance a victim’s chances of securing a larger settlement. Attorneys are adept at negotiation tactics, understand personal injury laws, and advocate solely for their clients’ best interests.”

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