Craft Syndicate Intimate Conversation Unveiling Artist Jade

Duo “Jade” Zhang at Craft Syndicate’s Intimate Conversation

Craft Syndicate’s intimate conversation with artist Jade unveiled her creative journey, merging art and food, highlighting the power of storytelling.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, August 16, 2023/ — Craft Syndicate, dedicated to championing emerging talent and fostering a vibrant artistic community, held an intimate conversation featuring artist Duo Zhang, professionally known as “Jade”. The interview style conversation was Jade’s first time being interviewed and she provided insights into her artistic journey.

From age 12, Jade immersed herself in the world of art. Describing her artistic process, she explains, “My ideas come from my mind. Art is a way I express myself” and emphasizes, “Non-stop practicing; I want my paintings to inspire others.”

Jade’s artistic journey took an unexpected twist. With a graphic design degree in hand, she combined her love for art and food. At 23, she skillfully merged her talents to create captivating food art, highlighting her versatility and creativity.

One of her top works is a detailed cake sculpture, like the sculpture in front of the SLS Hotel in Brickell, which took two days to make. Driven by the impact of her creations, Jade shares, “They needed my cake.” During the Q&A session, an attendee aptly dubbed her the “Queen of Cakes”.

Jade’s conversation shows how powerful sharing stories can be. Her story inspires us all and shows that creativity knows no limits.

This event, an integral part of the Craft Syndicate program, forms a series of experiences. Mark your calendar for upcoming Miami Craft Syndicate events, including the conversation with visual artist Josh Geltzer on August 24th and the Art Gallery Pop Up on Thursday, August 31st. These events are dedicated to spotlighting and supporting emerging artists, providing them a platform to flourish within a realm of creativity and growth. The conversation with Jade was curated in part by artist UNDRESSGOD.

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Craft Syndicate Intimate Conversation Unveiling Artist Jade

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