George Carter & The Gentlemen Of Faith Are Changing The Game In Gospel Music With New EP/Single “Going On In Jesus Name”

George Carter & The Gentlemen Of Faith are making huge waves in the Gospel industry as they change the face of Gospel Quartet music.

George Carter & The Gentlemen Of Faith are a veritable dream team of pastors, ordained ministers, and ministers of music on a musical mission to enlarge the territory of the Kingdom of God

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Carter boldly and unapologetically represents God’s Kingdom with a powerful “Dream Team” of pastors and ministers who are creating a global musical sensation!

George Carter and his team are not afraid to push the envelope and dig deep into American musical culture to create their unique sound and musical flavor.”

— Daniel Musgrove, founder and CEO, Musgrove Music Distribution

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, September 11, 2023/ — George Carter & The Gentlemen of Faith is showing the Gospel Music Industry that they cannot be put in a box regarding their style and versatility. With roots in Gospel Quartet music, their EP expands far beyond Quartet with amazing songs that also cover Contemporary Gospel, Praise and Worship, Traditional Gospel, and more. As proof of their diversity and musical prowess, the title song “Going On In Jesus Name” is a fierce and blazing-hot approach to Gospel Blues that not only takes us back to the cultural roots of Blues music, but also launches us right into cutting-edge Gospel with a live band sound (including live horns) and a polished sound that displays musical maturity and industry relevance. Click on “GO ON” now to get your copy of this awe-inspiring hit single!

“Going On In Jesus Name” has quickly risen in popularity and notoriety in the Gospel Quartet field as well as in the Gospel music industry at large. The five-song EP has already garnered nearly 175,000 streams on Spotify and other internet streaming sites. George Carter & The Gentlemen Of Faith is a group that’s rising up the charts at breakneck speed and soon to become a household name along with other giants of the genre.

“These gentlemen are on fire!” says Daniel Musgrove, founder and CEO of Musgrove Music Distribution. “The Gentlemen of Faith are the personification of style, versatility, and musical diversity in a genre that can sound repetitive if gone unchecked. Musgrove Music Distribution is proud and ecstatic about working with these artists, because George Carter and his team are not afraid to push the envelope and dig deep into American musical culture to create their unique sound and musical flavor. We’re very anxious to see even more great things coming from this incredible ensemble.”

George Carter is no stranger to the music industry. His previous music group, The Legendary Christianaires of Sontag MS, was doing great things in the industry, gaining world recognition with nominations and awards from the Grammys, Stellar Awards, Dove Awards, and others. The group disbanded for a time until Carter relocated to Florida, where he made the decision to revive the group in 2010, and with the blessing of former group manager Tyrone Porter “The New Christianaires” was formed. In April 2023, Carter decided to change the group’s name, thereby creating a new Identity to better describe the group’s faith-based journey and purpose. With a bold new sound and a distinctive new moniker, George Carter & The Gentlemen of Faith came into being.

The group itself is unique in that the group is composed of men whose commitment to their faith goes well beyond that of typical church lay members. The group boasts of two pastors, several ordained ministers, and ministers of music from different churches and ministries in their locale. With six vocalists and four top-notch musicians, it is no wonder why The Gentlemen Of Faith are such an awesome force to be reckoned with.

“The group is just awesome,” states Paulette Carter, the group’s manager. “We’re just doing this for the glory of God. For us, it’s all about the journey. Music is powerful and makes you feel; but the anointing of God really makes you feel. God is doing a new thing with us, and we see the positive effects of our submission to His leading. We’re excited to be part of this move of God.”

What sets this group apart is that they’re not just “Gospel Quartet.” Their music delves into different genres of the Gospel field. While listening to their latest EP, the listener will be treated with music that fits well in Contemporary Gospel formats, as well as Traditional Gospel. The title cut of the EP, “Going On In Jesus Name,” takes us on a Gospel Blues journey with a skillful approach to the style that would make even the most accomplished secular Blues artists envious. But for these true men of valor, it’s all in a day’s work. And with their new music video soon to be released, the sky’s the limit to what this group will accomplish in the days ahead.

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