Inspiring New Animal Tales Book Series Brings Life Changing ‘Love Life’ Lessons to Youngsters

Author Cole Cole and star Maggie the lamb, where it all began.

Maggie the lamb and Tillie the pup play hide and seek around a fallen tree

Hide And Seek With Maggie the lamb book cover

Eve the piglet in the book The Piglet Who Moved a Mountain, the power of belief at work

The Piglet Who Moved A Mountain book cover by Cole Cole Gilcrist

Fresh Children’s Author Cole Cole Gilcrist, is making an impression with her farm yard book series for children, with the message to live a life you love.

Live a Life You Love”

— Cole Cole Gilcrist

NORTH BURNETT, QLD, AUSTRALIA, October 7, 2023 / — After enjoying a twenty year career working with children as an early learning educator, qualifying as an ICF approved personal development coach and starting an off grid farm, Cole Cole Gilcrist has combined all of these passions in creating a world first personal empowerment book series for children as young as one year old!
Cole Cole is the name given to Nicole by the children she cared for in her home child care business. Seeing 6 week old babies, safely and happily, all the way through to ‘before and after’ school care was a career highlight, but more than that, it gave her an extended family. It was a much loved opportunity to shape young minds to feel joy and happiness and to carry on to live a life they love with endless possibilities. This urge continues, now from her off grid farm, through her Animal Tales books and into the hearts of precious children, many whom she will never meet. Her biggest joy is to impress young ones to follow their hearts, creating endless possibilities fuelled by self value, gratitude and kindness, empowering them to live a life they love.
Her off grid friends, Maggie the sheep, Eve the pig and other farm yard buddies including Betty the cow and two wild brumbies, are beautifully showcased in these larger than life picture books. They are the ones, really, Cole Cole says, who deliver the message to children. Each book in the series contains an interesting and fun story which metaphorically teaches one or more important ‘love life’ building block lesson to the reader.
Parents, carers and children alike can apply together these most important values to create new possibilities and live a life they love.
The author has gone one step further and developed a children’s Youtube channel, called Animal Tales With Cole Cole, where she has transformed these brilliant books into read along videos with fantastic live footage of the animals playing out each story. As she sits on her four wheeler under the gum trees, by her large pig enclosure and creek, she reads the story verbatim from the book, so children can read along with their own copy at home. She is keenly watched by her dog Tillie and cheekily interrupted by Maggie the sheep as the pigs play in the background. Between each page and picture is video footage of the animals at play as they are depicted in the story. Maggie is always up to mischief, chewing the farmers tools, getting into the house to try to eat the fresh cheese made from Betty’s milk, she even gets her head stuck in a feed bag and helps the farmer shovel dirt! The bravest piglet throws herself down in the dirt and laments at being so different to her siblings, how could anyone love her! All the action is photographed in the picture books and wonderfully captured in the videos, it is just amazing. The videos come together brilliantly, with snippets of Cole Cole on her quad and the rest being action filled animal antics, they are full of fun and energy and with barrels of cuteness to capture the audience’s fervent attention and anticipation. They are a must watch for all children eighty (80) years and under.
Cole Cole is eagerly involved with local schools, sharing her book series and ‘Love Life’ building block lessons with children through empowerment talks and personal book readings. She is also hands on in helping ambitious young authors to publish their very own books. This has been met with much excitement and the creation of some absolutely brilliant book ideas by children aged 7 to 12. In progress are books about mustering cattle on horseback, ghosts, pets ranging from ducks to budgerigars, show cars, holiday locations and more. We are looking forward to the sale of the very first published, child authored, book.
Cole Cole remains busy writing further personal development books for children. Some of her current titles include Maggie The Curious Lamb, Maggie The Magnificent Sheep, The Bravest Piglet, Maggie’s Little Sister, The Piglet Who Moved A Mountain and Hide And Seek With Maggie. Soon to come, her brumbies, Echo and Kurrango will star in their own books featuring professional photography, by Australian artist couple Snowy Brumby Photography, of beautiful wild brumbies and Cole Cole’s own photography and video footage as she rescues and tames these amazing horses. These will be titled The Brumby Who Found His Spirit and The Brumby Who Learned To Trust.
I don’t think we have seen the end of Cole Cole and her Animal Tales, this seems like the beginning of something big.
You can contact Cole Cole at [email protected] to enquire about her books and services including publishing assistance. Tune in to her Youtube channel Animal Tales With Cole Cole, visit her on facebook, instagram, twitter or LinkedIn, or organise a school visit, organisational visit, empowerment talk or reading for primary or pre school aged children.
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