Interview with Earle Burrows, Queensland-Based Founder of Wingman: A Journey of Brewing Innovation and Community Values

Earle Burrows, the Queensland-based founder of Wingman, announces new interview with Vizaca, where he shares some of the secrets to his entrepreneurial success

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, August 3, 2023/ — Vizaca, a platform for entrepreneurial insights, is proud to present an exclusive interview with Earle Burrows, the founder behind Wingman – the beer that always has your back.

In this candid conversation, Earle Burrows shares his remarkable journey from the aviation industry to establishing Wingman Beer and becoming a driving force in the Australian brewing scene.

Earle’s professional odyssey began in aviation, where he spent two decades, gaining invaluable experiences and even holding a commercial pilot’s license. However, it was after a long flight that he had an epiphany. Fuelled by his love for aviation and his desire to create something exceptional, Earle wanted to craft a beer that would stand out. Thus, the idea for Wingman was born.

Wingman Beer, based out of Queensland, Australia, has rapidly grown to become a household name, with its reach expanding along the eastern coast of Australia. What sets Wingman apart from other brewing companies is its profound commitment to its customers and communities.

Earle firmly believes that customers are not just sources of profit; they are at the heart of the brand. Wingman’s success lies in the fusion of quality products and authentic relationships with the people they serve.

In this interview, Burrows speaks candidly about his entrepreneurial journey, his passion for face-to-face communication, and his self-appointed title of the number one barbecuer in Australia. He shares the inspiration behind the color-changing logo on Wingman Beer bottles, enhancing the beer-drinking experience for consumers.

Earle also offers advice for college students and startup business owners, emphasizing the significance of patience, perseverance, customer focus, and adaptability in building a successful venture.

To learn more about Earle, or if you want to get in contact, you can visit his LinkedIn Profile.

About Earle Burrows
Earle Burrows is the former CEO of Wingman Beer, a beer brand proudly based out of Queensland. Earle and his team created Wingman with the hope of starting a conversation. Burrows believes profits are the result of doing what you promised to do. That is why Earle constantly strives to build bonds with the surrounding community – in both Queensland and Australia as a whole. Earle believes everyone needs a Wingman.

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