Life is Not a Hallmark Movie: Learn How to Survive Holiday Stressors

Unrealistic expectations during the holidays can derail mental, nutritional and physical well-being. But, it’s actually the ideal time to start building healthy habits.

Start planning wellness goals ahead of the new year by contacting a HUSK clinician.

Navigating the holiday season can feel like a balancing act. Seeking support from registered dietitians, licensed mental health therapists and physical therapists can help you reframe and refuel.”

— Tony Frick, Chairman and CEO, HUSK

WAYNE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2023 / — Wouldn’t it be nice if holiday stressors resolved themselves in fewer than two hours – hot cocoa and lightly falling snow included – just like a Hallmark movie?

While the season can be a time of joy, celebration and togetherness, the reality for many is that expectations are set high to host a flawless event, give the ideal gift, or spend a little too much time with family. The result is the perfect storm of stressors that can derail mental, nutritional and physical well-being.

As holiday fervor sets in, stress levels tend to rise, accompanied by a multitude of challenges ranging from financial pressures to emotional turmoil:

• People tend to seek high-calorie, high-fat foods during periods of stress. Couple that with extravagant holiday meals, more frequent social gatherings, and encouragement to indulge and it’s not surprising to deviate from regular eating routines, which can negatively affect health.

• Financial issues can be especially stressful with added pressure to give expensive gifts or entertain.

• Trying to fit in all the shopping, wrapping, cleaning, partying and traveling can disrupt healthy sleep habits.

• Family conflicts, being overwhelmed, missing loved ones or feeling isolated can take an emotional toll.

• With so much to accomplish and not enough time, people are more likely to push beyond their physical limits, resulting in pain, soreness or stiffness.

• And, who has time to exercise with such a long to-do list?

“Navigating the holiday season can feel like a balancing act,” says Tony Frick, Chairman and CEO, HUSK, “but there are strategies to help address stress, unhealthy eating habits, mental health struggles, grief and physical symptoms. Seeking support from registered dietitians, licensed mental health therapists and physical therapists can help you reframe and refuel.” Tips from the team of professionals at Husk include:

• Set Realistic Expectations: Focus on what is within control, rather than seeking perfection. Prioritize meaningful connections, a personal to-do list and what you wish to experience this holiday season.

• Mindful Eating: Consider how certain foods may make you feel. Rather than an “all or nothing” mindset, try focusing on a healthy balance between holiday treats and nutritious foods this season.

• Financial Planning: Create a budget and stick to it. Consider alternative ways of celebrating that don’t strain finances.

• Prioritize Mental Health: Schedule some time alone. Rather than accepting every invite or additional task, practice saying “no”. Consider practicing mindfulness or asking for help from family, friends or mental health professionals.

• Acknowledge Grief: Honor feelings. Rather than avoiding emotions, taking time to identify them and finding meaningful ways to memorialize loved ones may bring comfort.

“At HUSK, our commitment extends beyond physical health,” says Tony. “We understand the significance of mental and emotional well-being, particularly during challenging times. By making qualified practitioners, resources and tools accessible, we strive to empower individuals to navigate stress, cultivate healthier habits and foster a more positive experience, not just during the holidays but throughout the year.”

It’s not necessary to wait until January 1st to start building healthy habits. HUSK clinicians can help individuals start planning wellness goals ahead of the new year.

About Husk Wellness: At HUSK, we partner with organizations to make healthy easier by designing sustainable wellness programs that connect people to their preventative benefits. We are committed to empowering healthier living by providing the wellness tools, resources, and access that your team wants and needs to transform your organization into a healthier, happier, sustainable workplace of choice.

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