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Published by New Book Authors Publishing: Jack-in-the-Box by Mark T. Bacome

When looking for a book publisher, authors should seek a company that is not only compatible with their goals, but a company with a focus on real interaction

New Book Authors Publishing has maintained a perfect record of zero complaints by clients (authors) for seven years, which is an amazing feat for any business.”

— New Book Authors Publishing

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2024 / — The most important qualities authors should prioritize when searching for a publisher is not only the ability to publish and make a book available for sale via important retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Books-a-Million, Blackwell, and more, but also the following:

1. Formatting and editing that meets industry and book retail standards.
2. A marketable cover design.
3. A published book that is available to multiple markets, not just Amazon.
4. A publishing company that offers deliverable marketing services.
5. A company that communicates, consults, and educates on the direction of the book.

Meeting industry and retail standards is critical for authors whose goal is to reach beyond online retail to physical bookstore shelves. In an industry where there are over a million books registered annually, competition for shelf-space at local bookstores is intense. Authors will want a publisher who understands how to navigate those difficulties to ensure that their book will meet appropriate industry standards.

There are many companies and people who publish books, often without an appropriate level of experience. Here are some ways to identify whether those companies meet the criteria above:

1. Look for previously published books by the company on Amazon. Examine the Look Inside feature or click the “read sample” link. Check the formatting against popular or bestselling novels to see if the basic formatting structure is there, such as proper paragraph indent style rather than block paragraph style. An inexperienced publisher may use steep indents due to using the default .5 indent setting in Microsoft Word. Google some of the company’s book releases. We recently saw a company that carried a book that multiple ghostwriting companies claimed to have published. As it turns out, the book did not exist and the author was fictitious. Don’t be alarmed if an older edition of a book is found. Keep in mind that authors sometimes republish their books with a different company, so there may be an old edition in its history and a new edition available, which is perfectly fine.

2. Check the WHOIS database to determine how long the publisher has been in business. If the company has been in business for only a year or two, or even a few months, it will be difficult to find reviews of the company. Authors will want to steer clear of a company whose track record cannot be verified. Search for complaints with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or look for Google reviews on Google.

3. When searching for reviews be sure to distinguish critical feedback written by actual clients from reviews written by industry competitors. Sometimes competitors will create topics on message forums or on other social media to disparage legitimate publishing companies, usually asking if the company is legit. The strategy is to ask this question in an open forum where anyone can comment and disparage the company. This tactic is used by competitors to paint legitimate companies in a bad light, especially if that company has an excellent reputation.

New Book Authors Publishing has an unblemished record and does not have complaints. It has been in business without a complaint for seven years, which is a major feat for any company. Some publishing companies have only a few complaints, which is somewhat normal for any business. However, authors will want to avoid companies that have a pattern of complaints by multiple authors.


New Book Authors Publishing is celebrating 7 years. We are a national publishing company working with authors across the United States and abroad. We have a collaborative process and work hand in hand with authors throughout the publishing process using our vast knowledge of the publishing industry to help authors publish and market beautiful books. Learn more about New Book Authors Publishing through feedback (click here) or visit the New Book Authors Publishing website for more information. See clients and authors at their book signings (click here) at local bookstores.

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