Reservoir Gym Celebrates Five Years of Building A Community Based On Fitness and Strength
Reservoir Gym Celebrates Five Years of Building A Community Based On Fitness and Strength

Body Fit Training (BFT)

Body Fit Training (BFT)

USA, June 10, 2024 / — Body Fit Training (BFT), founded by Narby Kelly,  marks its 5th anniversary this year. Founded on the eve of a global pandemic, BFT has faced unprecedented challenges, including a shutdown that lasted 2.5 years. However, through resilience and community support, BFT has not only rebounded but thrived, now boasting over 270 members and plans for further growth.

Narby Kelly, a proud Reservoir native, has always been passionate about giving back to his community. “We view fitness as an opportunity to build family and community,” Kelly states. His vision for BFT has always been to create more than a gym; he aimed to foster a space where people could grow together, both physically and emotionally. This ethos is echoed by his partner, who shares, “We enjoy seeing people enter our gym for the first time and gradually become part of our community.”

As BFT celebrates this significant milestone, it also looks to the future with the introduction of its innovative 8-week challenges, designed to meet the unique goals of each member. Participants gain access to the BFT Challenge App, offering daily meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and bespoke nutrition and training advice. Coupled with unlimited training and state-of-the-art technology like Evolt body composition scans and BFT Heart Rate tech, BFT is set to revolutionize personal fitness in Reservoir.

In reflecting on the journey, Kelly, a skilled electrician by trade who personally designed the gym and its new recovery space, emphasizes the importance of community. “Being born and bred in Reservoir, it was always a passion of mine to give back to the community,” he remarks. This commitment extends to supporting the local Indigenous population, underscoring BFT’s role in fostering inclusivity and belonging.

BFT is not just a gym; it’s a community hub where members, regardless of their fitness journey’s starting point, can find support, motivation, and friendship. As BFT looks to the future, its goal is to welcome 300 members into its fold, further cementing its place as a cornerstone of health and wellness in Reservoir.

To learn more about BFT and how it can transform your training, contact your studio manager or register your interest below.


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About Body Fit Training (BFT): BFT is a premier fitness and recovery gym located in the heart of Reservoir, VIC. Founded by Narby Kelly, BFT emphasizes community, resilience, and personalized fitness experiences. Celebrating five years of operation, BFT offers a range of services including personalized training programs, nutritional advice, and recovery facilities, aimed at transforming training and fostering a strong sense of community.

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Body Fit Training (BFT)
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