Songs for World Peace Celebrates the World Peace Day With Over 100 Songs by Artists From 90 Countries Since 2020

Songs for World Peace Hosts the 4th Peace Day Panel Discussion

A global initiative by global musicians celebrating world peace in honor of the UN’s International Day of Peace by releasing songs about world peace.

Our Hearts Beat for Peace”

— Songs for World Peace

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 22, 2023 / — September 21, 2023, Songs for World Peace (SWP), a global initiative by musicians around the world celebrating world peace in honor of the United Nations’s International Day of Peace by releasing songs about world peace. They hosted the fourth annual Peace Day Panel Discussion “Peacebuilding Through the Power of Music”. The event archive is available on their YouTube channel.

The guests in the panel discussion:

Laura Hassler, Panel, Founder and Director of Musicians Without Borders

Danilo Perez, Panel, UNESCO Artist for Peace, Cultural Ambassador for Panama, Founder and Artistic Director of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute

George Lernis, Featured Artist representing Cyprus, Percussionist and Educator

Vera, Featured Artist representing Zimbabwe, Leader of Incubator ZW

The event is the culmination of a collaboration effort with the Hiroshima Festival, the City of Hiroshima, Mayors For Peace, and Berklee Global Jazz Institute (BGJI) by producing a cover of the Hiroshima Peace Song as the SWP Finale Song. This year, the new peace songs from Ghana, Haiti, Nepal, Mozambique, and the United States will also be premiered during the event followed by the interview with the artists.

MATSUI Kazumi, the Mayor of Hiroshima City quotes, “To all the members of Songs for World Peace, who organized this event, I would like to express my gratitude for your cooperation in producing the video for the Hiroshima Peace Song, a song which is so important to the City of Hiroshima and continues to be sung each year at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony. I would also like to thank you for releasing this video today on World Peace Day. It is thanks to you that we had so many people featured in this video, including those from your organization, Berklee College of Music, Mayors for Peace Executive Cities, Hiroshima Regional Urban Are municipalities and cultural organizations. It is also thanks to you that we are able to send this message of peace to the world from Hiroshima and I could not be more glad. Music has the ability to share emotions that transcend differences in languages, nationalities, creeds, and genders, and Songs for World Peace works to promote world peace through that power. This is the very definition of the Culture of Peace that the City of Hiroshima is working to promote.”

“We are honored to have been a bridge connecting not only individual musicians from around the world, but also remarkable organizations in various countries this year. Through music, we have been able to collectively promote world peace, and we are proud of this achievement.” These are the thoughts of the founders of SWP, Utako Toyama and Yoshie Nakayama, who also say the following, “We believe music unites people regardless of their differences. We are excited to share this year’s new songs and the Hiroshima Peace Song as our Finale Song. It’s an honor to cover the song. We are proud and grateful for our collaboration with many organizations and people.”

By sharing songs about world peace from all over the world, Songs for World Peace helps to promote unity and celebrate peace through the power of music. They have been supported by Musicians Without Borders, Together Productions, art27, and Berklee Alumni Affairs, as well as partnered with Music to Life, World Singing Day, and SkyBridge. Since 2020, they have released over 100 songs from more than 90 countries and regions. Their mission is to release songs about world peace from every country.

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Songs for World Peace is a global initiative by musicians from all over the world to create and share songs about world peace. They believe that every country has a song about peace and their mission is to bring unity through the power of music.

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Hiroshima Peace Song – Songs for World Peace 2023 Finale Song

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