The Magical Face Of Santa is a multicultural Santa Claus book for all young children

Santa is Magical. He has the face of the people living in the homes he visits.

The story follows Santa Claus, who has a magical face that transforms into the faces of the people in the homes he visits.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2023 / — The Magical Face of Santa, a children’s book by Derahonon Adrienne Djedje, is a heartwarming story that celebrates the diversity of cultures and people around the world. The story follows Santa Claus, who has a magical face that transforms into the faces of the people in the homes he visits. From Americans to Chinese, Europeans, Japanese, Indians, Mexicans and Africans, Santa’s face changes to reflect the unique characteristics of each culture.

The book celebrates the beauty of diversity and the joy of the holiday season. It encourages children to embrace different cultures and learn about the traditions and customs of people from around the world. The book is sure to be a hit with children and adults alike. It is a perfect addition to any family’s holiday reading list.

“I wrote this book because one of the children that I was taking care of asked me if Santa Claus was going to Africa on Christmas Eve. I said yes, of course, and when I showed her one of our Santa pictures, she was stunned that the Santa Claus in the picture was black. She said, But Santa Claus is white? That is when my story came to me,” said the author. “I told her that Santa has a magical face. He can be whoever he wants to be. Since then, I have been telling the story and wanting to publish it. Now it is done. I hope children and parents will like it.

Derahonon Djedje, the author, has been a child care provider for more than 20 years. This experience has given her a unique perspective on child development that she incorporates into her work as an author, children’s entertainer, and entrepreneur. Her children’s books are designed to teach children about healthy eating habits, cooperation, and self-confidence. Ms. Djedje is also the author of two other books: “We Are Vegetables, Who Wants To Eat Us?” and “Dera & Deon’s Good Scaring Monster”.

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