TikTok Rocker Writes A Birth Sign Anthem Called “The Cancer”

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Mark Mallman "The Cancer"

Mark Mallman “The Cancer”

The stars align as Mark Mallman’s new release drops the day its zodiac namesake begins.

It’s essential to be emotional when you’re creative. I feel lucky. Yes, we cry a lot, but we’re also kind and happy.”

— Mark Mallman

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — This June 22nd marks the beginning of the zodiac sign Cancer—it also is the release date for the single “The Cancer” from moody indie rocker and author Mark Mallman.

“Cancer is my birth sign.” He said. “So many of the artists and musicians I know are this zodiac sign. It’s essential to be emotional when you’re creative. I feel lucky. Yes, we cry a lot, but we’re also kind and happy. I wrote a whole book about that.” In 2019 Mark published his book “The Happiness Playlist” (Think Piece Publishing).

Long before Mark’s popular TikTok music history videos, Mallman (known by his fans as Mr. Serious) was established nationally in the underground music scene as the keyboard-playing madman who wrote brilliant songs. His live shows gained a reputation for being unpredictable and wild. They often involved left-of-center concepts like being dressed as a building or performing for as long as 78 straight hours.

Mark continues, “Neil Young’s After The Gold Rush inspired the lyrics—that’s why the third verse is about aliens.” Mallman expanded on the inspiration for this track,
 “I scored it for strings to sound like ‘Eleanor Rigby.’ Lana Del Rey is also a Cancer and an influence. I love her songwriting.”

The new single will be available worldwide Saturday, June 22nd on the new Minnesota-based label Hygh Tension Records (Virgin Music Group).

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