A Testament to Founder’s Quan, Innovation, and Impact

DX.Partners celebrates ARInspect’s leap to Tyler Tech, epitomizing our journey from idea to exit

Our collaboration with ARInspect is a prime example of our mission in action. We’re not mere investors; we’re partners, mentors, and staunch supporters.”

— Sundeep Sanghavi, Managing Partner

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — DX.Partners heralds a defining moment with the acquisition of its portfolio company, ARInspect, by Tyler Technologies. This acquisition isn’t just a business transaction; it’s a validation of a shared vision for a safer, smarter, and more connected society.

Inspired to action by the Flint Water crisis, Vivek Mehta founded ARInspect to protect the essentials of life. Alongside Sonia Sanghavi, CTO, and a passionate team, they built an AI-driven mobility platform for environmental and community safety. The impressive metrics of ARInspect’s platform are reflective of the ARInspect team’s dedication and DX.Partners’ commitment to nurturing transformative ideas from inception to industry leaders.

“Our aim at ARInspect was always to create a fortress of safety and health around our communities. Partnering with DX.Partners didn’t just provide us with resources; they gave us a fellowship, a ‘Founder’s Quan’ during times of uncertainty and challenge. This synergy with Tyler Technologies is more than strategic; it’s a fusion of purpose-driven cultures,” stated Vivek Mehta, Founder and CEO of ARInspect.

DX.Partners takes pride in the unique, intimate venture studio approach. The support for ARInspect was comprehensive, going far beyond capital investment. This involved hands-on strategy formation, vital hiring decisions, and driving go-to-market strategies, truly embodying the “Founder’s Quan.”

“Sundeep Sanghavi, Founding Partner at DX.Partners, remarked, “Our collaboration with ARInspect is a prime example of our mission in action. We’re not mere investors; we’re partners, mentors, and staunch supporters. We applaud Tyler Technologies for recognizing the value ARInspect brings to the public sector. Their missions are synergistic, heralding a future of heightened community engagement and protection.”

As ARInspect transitions into this exciting new phase under Tyler Technologies’ stewardship, we reflect on the power of aligned visions and the enduring impact of genuine partnership.

About DX.Partners:

DX.Partners is a venture studio that epitomizes the essence of the ‘Founder’s Quan.’ Our philosophy is to walk alongside trailblazing entrepreneurs from the fragile pre-seed paper napkin stage to the robust fruition of their ideas. We take pride in our portfolio, which includes startups such as ARInspect (acquired), DXFactor, CIPIO.ai, and i2o.ai. We’re in the business of co-creating success narratives, demonstrating that our role transcends investment; we are the co-architects of growth and success.

Sundeep Sanghavi
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