An ‘Otherworldly Retreat Experience’ in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Mike and Caroline Parrish, owners of Earth & Sky Dwellings (courtesy of Kelz Photography)

Tyler Coon, founder and CEO of Savvy STR Agents (courtesy of WNC Real Estate Photography)

Tyler Coon, founder and CEO of Savvy STR Agents (courtesy of WNC Real Estate Photography)

Savvy STR Agents

The owners of Earth & Sky Dwellings, Mike and Caroline Parrish, share about creating this unique vacation stay experience and why they are selling it.

I’m honored to bring this legacy property to the market here in Asheville and excited about the attention Earth & Sky Dwellings has drawn to our beautiful city and surrounding mountains.”

— Tyler Coon, founder & CEO of Savvy STR Agents

ASHEVILLE, NC, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2024 / — In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where the air is crisp and the landscape vibrates with beauty and mystery, lies an enchanting property that defies convention and invites visitors to embark on a magical journey. Earth & Sky Dwellings, listed for $20 million, is a 20 unit property that features viral video stars like the “Alchemy” wizard tent house, the “Sanctuary” treehouse, and the subterranean “Dragons Knoll” home. In an interview with the owners, Mike and Caroline Parrish share their perspectives on creating this unique vacation stay experience and why they are selling it.


Caroline, the self-proclaimed “jack of all trades,” and Mike, the founder with a penchant for high fantasy, shared the origin of this massive endeavor.

“It all started with a piece of land everyone deemed unusable due to its steepness,” Mike began. “But one night, as we watched a show on building treehouses, Caroline suggested we give it a shot. We’re in Asheville, after all—it’s magical and eclectic, and people would love it. That’s when the idea of ‘Sanctuary’, our first treehouse, took root.”

The moment “Sanctuary” went live in 2017, the response was overwhelming. The Treehouse Guys featured it on HGTV, garnering 10 million hits in the first week.

“It exploded after that,” Caroline chuckled.

The success paved the way for a series of uniquely themed dwellings: Dragons Knoll, The Perch, The Farmhouse, The Aerie, and Wizards Hollow. Each unit, a manifestation of their diverse tastes, was designed to offer a different experience.

Mike, a high fantasy fiction enthusiast, explained, “I’m the fan, and Caroline is the little scientist that has little interest in the fantasy genre. But she digs in and shows it when you see how well-decorated each unit is.”


With a background in corporate America, the Parrishes took a leap of faith into real estate and short-term rentals. The journey was fraught with challenges, from rocky terrains to the intricacies of building unconventional structures.

“You order 20 windows, and 19 come in; you can’t complete your work until that 20th window arrives,” Mike reflected on the hurdles they faced.

Caroline, the detail-oriented half of the duo, delved into the creative process. “We made a trip to different theme parks to study details, and I immersed myself in fantasy movies. We wanted each house to offer a unique vibe, a different experience.”

The attention to detail shines through, earning them over 2,500 five-star reviews on AirB&B. What sets Earth & Sky Dwellings apart is not just the craftsmanship but the surreal backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

“People come here for the magic of the mountains,” Mike emphasized. “They get a spectacular mountain view and a western sunset. It’s not just a vacation rental; it’s an experience.”


In the tumultuous era of the COVID-19 pandemic, Earth & Sky Dwellings became a refuge of enchantment and solace. Amid global travel restrictions, Mike and Caroline quickly adapted, transforming adversity into an opportunity to provide distinctive and safe vacation stays.

“The challenges pushed us to innovate, making each dwelling an enchanting haven that aligned with new safety regulations,” Mike reflected.

The unique design of each dwelling played a pivotal role in adapting to the new normal. With private entrances and self-contained living spaces, Earth & Sky Dwellings allowed guests to experience the mystical while adhering to social distancing.

Caroline Parrish emphasized the significance of this, noting, “We wanted to ensure our guests felt not just welcomed, but secure in their choice to escape to a place that embraced the magic of imagination while respecting the realities of the world.”

Throughout the pandemic, the retreat saw an uptick in demand for longer stays, aligning with remote work trends. As families sought alternatives to traditional accommodations, Mike and Caroline’s commitment to safety and satisfaction elevated Earth & Sky Dwellings as an unforgettable experience in a post-pandemic world.


“We’ve decided to sell so that we can spend more time with our family,” said Mike. “But Asheville will always be our home, so we aren’t going anywhere.”

As Earth & Sky Dwellings hits the market, listed by Tyler Coon of Savvy STR Agents and brokered by eXp Realty, the Parrishes hope to pass the torch to individuals or an investment group that shares their creativity. Mike envisions additions like elevated lighted trails and unique picnic areas, while Caroline emphasizes the importance of maintaining the property’s soul.

“Earth & Sky Dwellings was created for our guests to experience truly otherworldly vacation stays. We want the next investors to be more successful than us and that person or group of people needs to have the passion to see that magic grow,” said Caroline, her eyes reflecting pride and anticipation. “They would ideally take over the estate to finish the remaining units under construction. We’ve started this remarkable project, but it’s time for us to hand it off to the next owner that’s going to take it to the next level.”

In closing, Tyler Coon, founder and CEO of Savvy STR Agents, said, “I’m honored to bring this legacy property to the market here in Asheville and excited about the attention Earth & Sky Dwellings has drawn to our beautiful city and surrounding mountains.”

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Earth & Sky Dwellings: A $20 Million Enchanted Investment Property Now for Sale

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