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Darcell Walker uses his legal and theological knowledge and a Biblical story of debt deliverance to explain how one can go from drowing in debt to having more than enough.  The author explores this story to reveal the entrepreneurial principless and produ

Darcell Walker explains a path from drowning in debt to having more than enough.

New Book Promotes Entrepreneurship as a Debt Elimination Option

You already possess the asset you need to succeed”

— Darcell Walker

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2023/ — From mortgage and car payments to the dreaded student loans, many Millennials and even GenZs face mounting debt. The standard approaches to debt reduction of financial planning, budgeting, and money management are inadequate and seemingly take forever. Some people hope for student loan forgiveness to aid their debt-elimination efforts.

Darcell Walker, an attorney with over 30 years of experience helping people develop and protect their ideas, encourages people to consider entrepreneurship to reduce their debts. Walker’s ebook, “Divine Directions for Deliverance from Debt,” uses a Biblical story to illustrate how one’s entrepreneurial pursuits can generate active and passive income leading to debt elimination and wealth creation. In this story (2 Kings 4:1-7), the woman used entrepreneurship to eliminate her debt and had money left to create wealth. Walker discloses how entrepreneurship principles apply to debt elimination and wealth generation. First, one has to realize an asset they already have can be the source of entrepreneurship and debt elimination. Second, as revealed in this story, a fundamental method exists for developing a commercial product.

Walker believes millennials have the energy and ingenuity to develop goods and services to help society and generate income streams for them. Walker further stresses that entrepreneurship does require one to give up their main income-producing occupation. In support of this position, his book devotes an entire section to the six steps of the product development process. It shows how this Biblical story illustrates these steps. In addition to this Biblical story, Walker recalls the recent report of a woman facing foreclosure. She found her grandmother’s pie recipe and began making and selling pies. Through her pie enterprise, she saved her home and eventually opened a bakery. Walker says entrepreneurship starts when one assesses their assets and identifies personal attributes that can lead to entrepreneurship. Divine Directions also helps the reader assess their assets (skills, experiences, hobbies).

The uniqueness of this book is that it addresses a present-day issue from a Biblical and practical perspective. It shows the relevance of a Biblical solution to a current societal problem and provides information and instruction to create wealth and become financially independent. In addition to conventional debt elimination solutions, entrepreneurship provides a realistic option for people willing to consider and pursue it.

In addition to his legal experience, Attorney Walker holds a law degree from the University of Texas School of Law and a master’s in divinity from Southern Methodist University. Walker is the author of the book “Godly Ideas – Developing and Protecting Your God-Given Ideas.” (published by AuthorHouse). He has also created another resource titled “Does the Pastor Own the Sermon!” that helps churches, ministries, and other non-profit organizations develop and secure ownership of their creative works.

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