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Chur - the oldest town in Switzerland

Chur – the oldest town in Switzerland

BMA Solutions: End-to-end business services for global entrepreneurs. Swiss agency offering everything from company formation to digital marketing.

CHUE, GRAUBUNDEN, SWITZERLAND, July 28, 2023/ — BMA Business Solutions GmbH, a premier Swiss consulting agency, nestled in the heart of the historic town of Chur, is revolutionizing the international business landscape. By offering a comprehensive suite of services, the company is making strides in empowering foreign entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of conducting business across borders.

The global marketplace has never been more accessible or more challenging than it is today. Businesses expanding their reach into foreign markets face a myriad of obstacles, from understanding the local business environment to securing banking solutions and establishing a robust online presence. BMA Business Solutions GmbH aims to simplify these processes and remove barriers to entry for its clients.

“With the rapidly evolving global economy, entrepreneurs must be ready to adapt and overcome various challenges,” says Mrs. A. Mamytova, the CEO of BMA Business Solutions GmbH. “Our mission at BMA is to empower these businesses with the resources, knowledge, and support they need to succeed in their markets, irrespective of geographical boundaries.”

With a strong foundation in finance and banking, the company guides its clients through the intricate process of starting a business in Switzerland as a foreigner, ensuring they capitalize on the country’s stable economy and beneficial tax system. The firm further aids entrepreneurs in setting up corporate and private accounts in bustling financial centers, such as Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore, providing them with the financial leverage they need to excel in the global marketplace.

“Banking and finance are the lifeblood of any business,” Mrs. A. Mamytova explains. “We help our clients find the most suitable banking solutions that align with their business objectives and promote their growth in competitive global markets.”

In the digital age, businesses must establish a solid online presence to stay competitive. Recognizing this, BMA Business Solutions GmbH offers an extensive array of digital marketing services. These range from developing striking online corporate identities to search engine optimization and promoting clients’ services on social media. Their team of experts employs the latest digital marketing strategies to elevate the clients’ brand visibility and drive customer engagement, ensuring that their digital footprint leaves a lasting impact.

“Our team comprises seasoned experts who are dedicated to our clients’ success. They are not just consultants, but partners who guide, support, and walk alongside our clients every step of their business journey,” states Mrs. A. Mamytova.

She further elaborates, “At BMA, we are deeply committed to turning entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Every success story from our clients fuels our drive to provide even better services and continue innovating.”

Leveraging decades of combined experience and unwavering dedication to client success, BMA Business Solutions GmbH continues to solidify its reputation as the go-to consulting firm for businesses seeking to establish or expand their presence internationally. Their commitment to providing personalized, professional advice and their hands-on approach sets them apart in the consulting world.

“As the global business landscape continues to evolve, so do we,” Mrs. A. Mamytova concludes. “We are continually adapting and improving our services to meet the changing needs of our clients and help them stay ahead in their respective markets.”

For more information about BMA Business Solutions GmbH and its range of services, please visit, email at [email protected], or contact +41-79-657-78-70.

About BMA Business Solutions GmbH

BMA Business Solutions GmbH is a Swiss-based consulting agency that provides a wide range of services to foreign entrepreneurs. With roots in Chur, Switzerland’s oldest town, the company brings its vast expertise in finance, banking, and digital marketing to the table, guiding businesses on their journey to success. Its diverse offerings include assistance with company formation, banking solutions, account setup in international financial centers, and digital marketing services.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur venturing into the global marketplace or a seasoned business seeking to expand your footprint, BMA Business Solutions GmbH has the resources, expertise, and dedication to help you achieve your business goals.

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