Bridging US-UK Digital Asset Expertise
Bridging US-UK Digital Asset Expertise

Harris & Trotter LLP and CryptoCFOs Join Forces

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This pivotal partnership marks CryptoCFOs’ first international step in connecting tax and accounting leaders from the US and UK in the digital asset realm.

As our first firm partner, Harris & Trotter’s expertise will be invaluable in enriching our community’s international Web3 journey.”

— Taylor Zork, CEO of CryptoCFOs

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2023 / — CryptoCFOs, the premier digital community for tax and accounting professionals in Web3, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Harris & Trotter LLP, a UK-based accounting firm with over 80 years of professional practice. This partnership signifies a major leap in CryptoCFOs’ efforts to foster a global network of digital asset expertise.

Harris & Trotter’s digital asset team, led by Nicholas Newman, Gidon Ross, James Newman, and Richard Lance, has been pioneering in blockchain, Web3, and digital assets since 2017. Their extensive knowledge in audit, advisory, bookkeeping, compliance, and taxation within the digital asset realm makes them an invaluable partner for the CryptoCFOs community and its members.

Taylor Zork, CPA, CEO of CryptoCFOs, shares his perspective: “Our partnership with Harris & Trotter is a pivotal development for CryptoCFOs. It aligns with our mission to connect and educate accounting professionals globally in the evolving world of crypto assets.”

The collaboration is designed to be mutually beneficial. The Harris & Trotter team will gain full access to the extensive resources of the CryptoCFOs platform, including educational materials, courses, accelerators, and live community calls. Furthermore, they will also benefit from access to CryptoCFOs’ job board, facilitating international recruitment efforts of top-tier tax and accounting professionals. In return, Harris & Trotter will offer their unique insights and experiences, acting as trusted thought leaders and specialists within the CryptoCFOs community.

Richard Lance of Harris & Trotter speaks about the partnership: “We’re thrilled to align with CryptoCFOs. This partnership goes beyond growth—it’s about influencing the future of digital assets through shared knowledge and collaboration on a global level.”

Members of CryptoCFOs can look forward to a variety of collaborative efforts, including co-hosted webinars, shared educational content, and exclusive insights into the United Kingdom’s digital asset landscape. The partnership serves as a gateway to a global network of digital asset expertise, bridging the gap between US and UK markets.”

About CryptoCFOs:

Established in 2021, CryptoCFOs has rapidly emerged as the leading digital community for tax and accounting professionals in the Web3 and digital asset space. Offering a wide array of resources, educational materials, and courses, CryptoCFOs is dedicated to empowering professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of blockchain and digital assets. With a focus on community and professional development, CryptoCFOs continues to be at the forefront of the evolving world of cryptocurrencies and Web3.

About Harris & Trotter LLP:

With a history spanning over 80 years, Harris & Trotter LLP is a prestigious UK-based accounting firm that has adapted and grown with the changing landscapes of finance and technology. Since 2017, their dedicated digital asset team, led by experienced partners Nicholas Newman, Gidon Ross, James Newman, and Richard Lance, has specialized in providing comprehensive services in the realms of blockchain, Web3, and digital assets. Harris & Trotter LLP’s expertise covers a broad spectrum of financial services including audit, advisory, bookkeeping, compliance, and taxation, positioning them as a trusted partner in the digital asset industry.

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